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Eleven. Thirty five on the big show clock. Welcome to the big show Friday edition. We are celebrating some holes in the cloud. Cover today Looks like we'll be short lived though as the weather guys are talking about more rain moving into the picture later on this afternoon and evening. But I'll tell you what I have got the shades pulled back on the big show window and I'm looking at some blue sky and some puffy clouds and some rising temperatures and some corn and soybeans out. There are cheering. I can hear him doing it. Right now Bryant hoops with us. Brian with Midwest market solutions. Brian is the president of Midwest market solutions offices all over the Midwest South Dakota here in Iowa also in Minnesota and sections of Nebraska. Even I believe Office out in Montana Brian but I want to ask you about the marketplace going into first of all three day holiday any abnormal things go on with his three days of trade. Not Not being with us. What do you think well? Yeah Good Morning. Good talk with you guys. We don't see a lot on a Friday before the memorial holiday. But it's a lot of times on Monday night. When trade resumes. Nothing is going to happen Sunday night or Monday during the day but Monday evening. Because it's been a three day weekend. Sometimes you can get a change in weather patterns right. Now they're talking. You know perfect. Ideal conditions with warm conditions. Eighty degrees seventy degrees in a Lotta areas Lot of sunshine if You know the these clouds extenders stay over the Midwest. We don't get as hot. We should be higher on Monday night. And conversely if this forecast pans out and we see continued warm temperatures. We're GONNA probably be fairly fairly hard lower on Monday so you usually get big move One way or the other and all that really at this point in time depends upon whether and growing conditions. This is one of the first times in a long time Brian. And we've been sitting here going into this long Memorial Day weekend and I think Andy was telling me this is about as early as you can have memorial day so An earlier than Usual Memorial Day and here we are pretty much done with planning in the Upper Midwest. Now I know those folks listen and out sections of the DAKOTAS. We've we feel for them. Some of them still trying to harvest last year's crop in North Dakota and also We get signal over Illinois. I know those folks are pry ready to throw something at the radio right now saying you don't know what you're talking about because our weather's not real real nice on us here but the the gut slot of the corn and bean belt which state of. Iowa has been doing pretty good. In this first time I can remember talking on Memorial Day when we've been done planning. Yeah there's a lot of people been done with corn and soybeans for some time and and just need some warmer temperatures to get that seed emerged out of the ground. That's kind of the concern right. Now is more emergence than the planning pace but you you hit the nail where a lot of these areas that are struggling Illinois. Indiana NORTH DAKOTA. Well behind the normal pace of and in North Dakota especially where they're really far behind. There is a lot of concern that they may just opt to take prevent plant on corn and soybean acres instead of trying to muddle it in last year this time we were moving higher because Markets wanted to give that incentive to the farmer to keep planning corn planning soybeans into into the month of June and. They offered higher prices to do that. It's the opposite this year. We're trading lower at this time because we've we're gonNA increase acres substantially. We don't need more acres. And if you WANNA take prevent plan in North Dakota go ahead and do it because we're not going to the market is saying we're not going to offer you that incentive to plant and mud this crap in We've got Iowa already planted. They're going to probably grow a monster crop and eventually Illinois Indiana. These other states Hopefully we'll catch up. Yeah Hey Brian. It's good to visit with you here again. it looks like we've got USF. And I'll go into China here for shipment in a couple of different years as the market reacting to that at all I don't think so I'd like to say it normally it would but I think with the increase pensions politically between the US and China. we're looking more at at. Are they going to hear to the phase one agreement? How much product are they going to buy? This is something that has more longer lasting implications to the grain markets rather than just one or two token type purchases of ethanol moving into China so We we would definitely be more inclined to think. This was a longer term trend. It would have an implication to the market but right now mark focuses almost exclusively on the growing conditions of corn and soybean. Hey Brian We're up against clock here. The big shot clock tells us we need to move long. We're going to talk to you though about an hour and ten. Maybe get price outlook going into this long weekend. In the meantime can we find out more about Midwest market solutions? Well Yeah we do have a website Midwest Market Solutions Dot Com and you can find all kinds of newsletters and videos that we post on our website or you can give me a call at four one seven five zero one fifty one thirty two nice Bryan Bryan Hoop starting off here with a look at what's going on in the marketplace and we will talk numbers ahead here just a couple of moments and we'll get Brian back online here a little bit and you've talked a couple of times about this ethanol sale that's going on into China and I'm GonNa say what I think about it and it's probably Is No basis in fact other than just when I scratch it doesn't smell right Where where was this? Ethanol originated from I. I need to ask because I know it's buried deep down in that story. That this ethanol was routed through someplace else Saudi Arabia I believe. Yeah Yeah you see now that lets us know that I. I just think I just have a hunt. China could be doing a couple of things they could be ru- rub under your rubbing our nose in something and say and see we can get your ethanol without coming to you for it. Or they can also be circumventing. Some certain tariffs and. I'm not sure that that's not the case with so supposedly now have been have been waived according to what Secretary Perdue and said earlier in this week right. They they'd said there continues to be regulatory progress. We've got a rewrite a bunch of the rules and regulations before the movement of goods and services can actually begin this phase. One Trade Agreement. We're we're getting that done But yeah I mean but what else is new. Bob I mean another country. Brokering our products to China Was it lash out? Beans did exactly in fact. I don't think they may charge. Tina they must sign papers in the middle of the ocean. They took took control of them and took ownership of resold them to China But here here's the deal and again. It's always good when we export commodities. I understand that and there. There is a reason for cheering but I I'm just a little concerned about The the different channels that this stuff went through so we didn't move on here and he we'll talk about this later on Three big things brought to you by your Iowa soybean.

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