Iraqi Army, Thailand, Suicide Bombers discussed on Global News Podcast - Spanish police say terror cell planned to fill vans with gas cylinders


They do show signs of severe emotional distress an on this program we rupe with her own battle after battle in the cities of iraq and we know that any civilians caught up in them are in danger of being used as human shields by the militants in danger to of being killed by the attacking forces the iraqi army or the as strikes of the uslead coalition sonnen how difficult do you think it will be for iraqi forces to dislodge i s who is almost no doubt the the militants who put up the most ferocious defence of thailand prevail deploy snipers deploy ambushes sat bombs roadside bombs they'll come hurtling at their enemies in vehicles packed with explosives driven by suicide bombers the nearby city of mosul the the battle that took nine months to unfold but actually to laugher is a much much smaller place in a much more open place it doesn't have that great tangle of narrow alleyways that we found at the center of muscle so the army ought to be able to move in with heavier armagh and operate more freely be able to guard against ambushes more and i think that for will be a more difficult place for the militants to defend on middle east analyst alan johnston a south african court is given permission for an online auction of rhino horns despite a global trade ban the authorities had tried to stop the threeday auction our africa edged at james cottle reports four months ago south africa dropped to ban on domestic rhino trading their international trade is still forbidden but the authorities refused to hand over a permit for a rhino horn option to the man believed to own the world's biggest private rhino herd john hume for some suggest a permit had been issued now he has secured a court ruling allowing the sale to go ahead and one who buys rhino horns in south africa would in theory not be allowed to export them but experts worry that this is difficult to enforce rhino horns are in demand in vietnam and china where they are used in traditional medicines james kopp note.

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