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So now, I didn't know there six to four they salads with somebody runs over you. They say is rough shod we say Russia there ran roughshod, y'all. I use that a tweet roughshod S H O D. Yeah. We'll say Shah. Okay. We don't do. Correct. We rough shop. I point of order on Mike McCarthy he was viewed by the league as damaged goods because he fell apart with the greater store the football ever Aaron Rodgers. So what went on there? Do we wanna get take a chance on that guy who couldn't even get along with the biggest diva who ever played quarterback in this league? Aaron rodgers. That was just a travesty what happened to Mike McCarthy. He deserves a job. And I'm not sure Jason Garrett would have had five offers. But trust me, he would have had to offers and God rest, the sole of your grandmother. But she did not coach the Dallas Cowboys to not one or two but three division titles. That's what Jason Garrett did. So he's valuable. That all you have vision to think about this just step back. I know you gotta sift through all your cowboy which is just spilling out. So happy that they're they're not liking you anymore. Think about okay Jason Garrett is still seventy seven and fifty nine as the head coach of the Cowboys. Do I like him? I don't I've tried to fire him twenty nine times on this show, but he's seventy seven in fifty nine so innovative cume if you put him on the open market somebody's going to sit back and say he won three NFC ease win When that. that Super Bowl at wait a second in twenty fourteen he goes, twelve and four and then twenty sixteen he goes thirteen and three and then twenty eighteen he goes ten and six and then wins a playoff game. He's two and three in the postseason, which is not Owen five. My point is we look at some of the people who got cliff Kingsbury gotta head coaching job. And I liked cliff Kingsbury a lot how he got that big. They believe it could go think about this and twenty fourteen the three offensive linemen made the Pro Bowl. Okay today is Jason Witten sort of the Marcus so so to DeMarco Murray. All right. You got seven Provo. Okay. The football and you win how many games? Okay. You follow that up? Guess what we comes in? You got another six guy go to the Pro Bowl. And you went how many blame game zero. So now again, you got to office and the Pro Bowl you guys Zeke in the Provo and you win one just try Try to. to limit. You just let's just say for the sake of argument that what we do up here. We argue argon such a harsh term main arguing with the commercial that came out. So I I like to argue debating debate sound which bits a healthy discussion. What we do when my therapist, Shannon, say healthy discussion up. Did you just admit you about their position? Getting in touch with us. Tony soprano. Discussion. Okay. What was Sean McVay do with that kind of offense? Itala? I don't know. He's got plenty of. Think about it skills. Made you had you had three often chumming that you are the best running back and football. And you think Jared goff's way better than back Prescott. So what are you talking about? If he'd had random cooks bobber would hit at talent. Twenty eight sixteen would hit a magic nation in motivate you because he can motivate you say, you'll got came motive. But you cannot I don't like my guy. But trust me. My guy would have gotten offers on the open market because there's a dearth of available coaches. But then they're all just desperate to see Jerry Ghezzi. They give Jerry all the credit with none of the accountability. All the losses on his resume. But everybody know behind the like, you tell me puppy. I agree. I wish somebody would hire them away. John. No, no, no. You love him. Do this Jerry live in the past in the nineties does to certain point. But what did I tell you yesterday before Jerry uttered? These words. I told you the nineties Cowboys every by I said exactly you on the show yesterday. What Jerry Jones then said on his radio show, which is in the nineties. Everybody knew everything we were doing..

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