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Wow, speaker Pelosi powerful words as she spoke today that Democrats have taken over the house of representatives. It's the controlled by the Democrats now, and the speaker of the house is Nancy Pelosi again from San Francisco priorities climate healthcare income inequality. Voting rights, really big deal. Now Hughes the statement existential threat, by the way, coming up in about ten minutes. We're entering about gun laws here in the state of California to. Accidential threat. What do you consider an existential threat? I mean that is an asteroid smashing into the planet. And they all went in Quinta. Leeann chance of that happening killing off life on earth is it making the earth uninhabitable through our for example, excessive burning fossil fuels and pollution is pollution as opposed to carbon. Is it Brown? People in terrorists if you are some of the people on the right is it China in Russia? I don't know what do you consider an existential threat, but climate change within the Democratic Party is considered an existential threat. I don't disagree with that we need to be better stewards of this planet. I write about how bad pollution is the problem that I have with the Democrats right now is they focus exclusively on fossil fuels. And I'm telling you that you're Norring a huge amount of the manmade poisons that were killing ourselves with when you exclusively spend your time focused on climate change. We kill ourselves. Right. This minute with toxic poisons that we add into so many different aspects of our lives, and we choose to ignore them. That's one of my big problems with with the endless climate trying climate climate change. Yes, I'm worried I'm deeply worried about that too. But when was the last time, I heard Alexandria Cossio? Cortes talk about per chlorate infiltrating every single waterway in the United States nanoparticles causing problems because they're not fully tested, plastics leaching in. In causing disruptions to our endocrine systems killing people now toxic poisons now, I'm genuine in that. And I support maybe not fully the green new deal, which is what a lot of the incoming freshmen of the Democratic Party are talking about the green new deal, which is to get off of fossil fuels entirely by twenty thirty. That's eleven years. I think it's a bowl goal to move away as quickly as possible start drilling. Those holes in the ground for geothermal, you'll get there real fast. Somehow that's not part of the plan. Now. Because it's about finding new oligarchs if you could figure out a way to do that without building new billionaires in the process, I'd be way more on board. But the way we've done it. So far here in California's. Yay. We building more new billionaires who control things I'm not okay with that. Sorry. I'm look if if you create a whole new thing, I don't know like the iphone and the ipad and the MAC change the way people live their lives because of your invention Steve Jobs and apple you've earned becoming a billionaire. Larry ellison. Hey, I have changed the way businesses operate through computer software. Larry Ellison oracle. Yeah. You earned becoming a billionaire. Well, I figured out how to manipulate the political process. Why line my pockets with government subsidies for solar panels and whatnot? Looking at you, Elon Musk then. I'm not okay with that, Al Gore. Not okay with that green credits and trading. Goldman Sachs everybody. No, I'm not okay with that. You didn't embed it? So why are you a billionaire because of it? That's just weird that we subsidize it that way. It's not okay with that. So Bill if you're going to go that route and asked me to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to go see fossil-fuel-free that quickly. You better do it in a way that doesn't create a whole new set of billionaires because you consider those billionaires to be better. I just I'm not okay with them. You're not very much of a democratic. Socialist are you then if that's the case? Four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten Petrie or Petri and Vallejo. I'm gonna go with Patrie, you're on Keijo. We got it. Right. Okay. Cool. It's patrie. We've spoken before. So. All the giddy. Giddiness in your voice of being so elated by Nancy Pelosi. Oh, she just got up on the podium and Mehta speed. It's almost like she's sitting there slapping their chops. Like, she won the presidency. She's gonna change America. And all we're finally over the hump, and you know, it's like come on pop the bubble. You know, your dream isn't going to happen that easily. Chiba up there again, nothing's gonna change. It's like she's going to battle hard, even or even her daughter. Oh, she's to cut off the head and the blood gonna come out, and he won't even know. It's like come on, you know, calm down. Relax. Nothing's gonna change all your left-wing policies, and progressivism it's just gonna wind dole in the same idealism of. Everything you guys do as soon as I stopped talking. I know you're going to beat down in China point every moment, let me start with this. What is article one of the constitution? Do you know? Okay. So there you go. You're distracting right away. What? It's very simple. So where where do you bills originate for the way our country runs that is numerate in article one of the constitution? How the legislature works. That's where taxing and spending money priorities. All come out of the house of representatives. Does it come on? Doesn't come out of the presidency. So when you talk about these things the house is actually the more powerful one. Now, they still have to work out deals with the Senate and everything else. But the house is where. That is a full Paul with the Senate. And then when they go to the supreme court. I think you use the phrase you how is that a faux pas? Well, you just talked up the house is being such a big thing. And then when they fumbled it over to the Senate and Senate fumbled the down, then they'll just give up and go to the supreme court lake. It's been going on. So this stupidity is gonna continue. It's it's not like it's gonna change. I mean, look at Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi even before today, they're they're just so emboldened with they're ready to strike down anything and to the point that they can handle Donald Trump and give him a singer to Henry, I'm glad you called today. I think it's important, and I thank you. And I wish you a happy new year, I genuinely do, and I'm gonna end this little segment because we're gonna get to gun laws here in California in just a second here because I think it's really important in. We'll keep taking your calls on this too. But Dave workman is gonna join me in the same from the gun MAG dot com about gun groups, taking a new gun law all the way to the supreme court here in California. I'm just going to end it with this little brief reading of section eight of article one of our constitution the first clause. Section eight congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes duties imposts and excises to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. That's an exceptionally powerful to be speaker of the house, and you are in control of the general welfare of the United States. That is exceptionally powerful. That makes Nancy Pelosi exceptionally powerful to change the direction and outcome.

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