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The. Economy got, stronger in the spring I'm Dave Anthony Fox News GDP growth was double, what it was the first three months of. This year FOX's, Jimmy Consolo details the just released report live in fact Davey, economic growth, was the strongest in nearly four years in the spring Americans were spending money and businesses were investing the government says the. Gross domestic product reading for the quarter is four point one percent it's, the strongest. Growth since the summer of two thousand fourteen the GDP measures all the goods and services in the. Quarter and the first quarter was revised stronger from two, percent to two point two percent Dave Janine President Trump will react in a half hour making a statement out of the White House the president at his odds, again with his former lawyer Michael Cohen who is under federal investigation FOX's John decker live at the White House Cohen is reportedly claiming that the, president knew, in, advance about the. June twenty-sixth team meeting and Trump. Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his. Campaign, dirt. On Hillary Clin Entin the president on Twitter denying that report of a meeting, with a. Russian lawyer with his campaign officials writing I did not know of the meeting with my son Don Jr. he continued sounds. To me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to, get himself. Out of an unrelated jam taxicabs may be referring to Cohen the president wrote he even retained Bill. And crooked Hillary's lawyer Dave on North Korea's handed over, the remains of fifty five soldiers believe you me Americans killed in the Korean war next week they'll be taken Hawaii for identification lot of worrying Redding California where, fast moving wildfire spread burning down dozens of homes forcing.

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