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And with them will come the the discussions that i'm certainly going to have with with any of them who will come on the show about about maintaining populations and not leaving it up to nature it's one thing i think i'm not willing to give him a free pass on what they just don't up in new york because i think that that this presumption that all all of these animals are horribly mistreated i think that's a little farfetched especially in this day and age but i'm certainly going to have something to say when they when they come after hunters and make no mistake there that's happening all the time and anytime it does all stand up for our side and make sure they understand that that they're going to be responsible for what happens afterward and i want them to be very aware of what will happen not what might happen but what you talk about you talk about cruelty nature nature's the cruellest steward of all overpopulation no problem we'll get rid of that score talked ralph here what's up ralph very good martha i'm fall on the and buddy faludi out out here were over here and kick the big crowd they keep talking about here you know but what i saw oh how corporate down south you gotta go on oahu the five ten gone by other work or file our you you know i gotta go round a ban there yeah you meant only if you really want to target big trout in texas the single best bay in which to be if i had to throw one make one cast in my life depended on catching a trout bigger than eight pounds or longer than twenty eight inches i'd be in baffin bay somewhere there's no question about it the big drought up and down the coast with that's where i would be if i had one shot at get done no doubt about it so now that said a lot depends on how big what what's big trap to them as a five pounder big drought most people never car for pounder though and they quite different than big crowd kirk pico well yeah those guys over there in louisiana get to keep metaphor long so he can sharma a sixteen is trout they might be happy rao.

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