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This weekend check out some of the best superhero continent so much more only on. Hbo max streaming today by going to hbo dot com slash kind of funny d. c. h. b. o. n. dot exe slash. Kinda funny d c next up shoutout to rooster teeth. Last laugh season two. I was a huge fan of season one mainly because my boy. Alfredo was in it but he's to can't wait for it. Here's the whole pitch for do not laugh. It's part game. Show par social experiment hundred percent. Evil laugh challenge spectacular last laugh records for a second season with twelve. Contestants gathered for six hours to see who literally laughs last if they laugh smile or smirk. They're eliminated prevented from dethroning season. One champion the homie blaine gibson. The host of the show. Jeff ramsey the will so that's super awesome. They have a new collection of surprises. But will they be enough to break. The contestants will have to find out. I'll last last season debut. September ninth on rooster teeth. But you can catch up on all season. One right now said not planning punched him back to the show number three ladies and gentlemen guess what we got some more delays for you. Twenty twenty one has not been kind. We'll start with rock smith to ensure we provide the best guitar learning service. We've decided to delay rock. Smith plus until twenty twenty two. We will use this opportunity to incorporate user feedback from our closed beta where convinced that this new release plan will give us time to delivery smooth experience for all guitar bass lovers. Thank you for your patience understanding..

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