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And good hr with it and if they're afraid that hr will turn a deaf ear to it to mentioned that they mentioned it to me because now and it gives them some accountability gives hr some accountability and if they were you know just two devastated by the whole thing to gun nature i would i would get a sharp and partly because this right thing to do partly casses your obligation who as a manager the sing i i dealt with more frequently of dumped dealt with this twice is the person who comes to me in says hey i gotta tell you something but jeff to promise not to tony one and then proceeds to tell a you know a a horrific story of of predation now in which case item that as can ignore and went directly to in one case hr in in the other case the boss yeah and i think that just a point about that conversation when someone does tell you whether they tell you don't it's sherrad or not just say thank you for telling me knowledge that this was a hard thing for that person to do that such a good end that they they're nervous that you won't believe them that they'll get punished and put that at ease because that's going to help them make a better decision about how to handle it going forward yeah i that such a great point amy tree when do you approach the person who has been accused of that behavior if you're also their manager i think you have to talk to hr about how to handle that if you're talking about a case of of sexual harassment if there's behavior that's unclear if the person has come to use says i'm not sure you can go to that person because it is your job as a manager to set team norms and so you can go to the person who's been accused again if it if it's a legal issue you do have to involve hr but if it's on the liner unclear you can go and say i've heard this you don't have to tell who the keyser is i don't know if it's true or not.

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