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Get out on the break fifty times again passing is not the primary goal of basketball it's merely a means to an end but there's something about passing that speaks to basketball's better angels passing is an expression of selflessness and a slick pass that defies our sense of the possible with a perfect navigation of time and space that basketball grace perhaps magic johnson whose vision size and feel for the game compensated for his forgettable longrange stroke season ball a vessel to restore his ideal of the point guard position over the past five years only two players have finished inside the top ten of an mvp vote averaging fewer than fifteen points per game joe kim noah in 201314 fourth and draymond green in two thousand and fifteen sixteen seven and it is green who represents an interesting parallel for ball in so far as his contributions are less quantifiable in two thousand and fifteen sixteen green scored twenty points in only seventeen of his eighty one games yet few people be they stat heads or basketball mystics would challenge his place on the tally there's a collective appreciation that greens feel for the game infuses the oncourt principles that make the warriors the warriors if ball can't be the lakers steph they need him to be there draymond if not in mood than certainly in substance it's a work in progress and so on a november afternoon in folding chairs on the sideline of the practice jim lonzo ball and lakers assisted miles simon are studying footage of balls is bad habit a playing good basketball footage of ball passing the ball to willingly on possession after possession of a lost to portland in which ball attempts only two field goals in twenty eight minutes he swings the ball one or two dribbles too soon before the big man defender even commits to him or.

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