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Trey McCain in the slot. Shoots blocked taken back by the Cavs. Ovechkin Backstrom come back the way over the hawk line left wing Ovechkin battling with Kane. Well, then lost the puck Oshii took it back. Top of the near circle tried to fire one on goal blocked by July. Strokes got the puck using over the Capitoline left wing fed it back top left circle debrincat, curl and drag lift the puck into the near corner. For Kane picked up by Ovechkin of the capital's Backstrom over the hawk line Ovechkin in the high slot to Wilson along the right boards shouted across the rink deflects over the dalstrom dalstrom will pass over the center ice circle. Debrincat over the capital line to the left wing boards. Runs into a check from Carlson. Lost the puck Hillary pass. It ahead to Borana Jacob Borana through center ice crossing the hawk line poke checked away by dalstrom. Puck to the left wing boards. Eller their dalstrom all over in there. Right beside the circle Miller fights his way free slot Wilson shoot. I say by Gillian the butterfly position put. Pointblank shot from Tom. The game. Turns the Wilson split around and got shot on the puck is all the way down a standing ovation for Cowan Delia offer that same call against the hawks. Great focus by Gilead. Lose sight of the fuck was scrambling around sprawled over. Reached back saw that are covered in full draw up in the air dot it. No, stick cleanup five around the area. But he got the job done Blackhawks league. Eight suppressor by throwing down the ice to take the whistle. Nearly ran out of oyster outstanding save by Colin. Cillian Murphy putting the puck behind the hawk net. Dalstrom out of the left wing side. Lost the puck camps. Get it calmly along the right boards. Put it down to the right corner. Dalstrom took the puck behind the hawk net. Lost it back there on Ribeira. Kaczynski lose it right point. Matt Niskanen sidesteps. They hidden folks went over the hawk net puck in the left wing, corner Orlov Firestone. Barry scars. Colin Delia went down on his right pad and the puck have sported underneath him and into the net. The camps get one back and now trail four two way. Same positioning by column deal Delia. This shot from the sharp angle again. Orlov just throws one. And it's the same type of save that he tried to make on the shot for more sand on both of them. Structurally a little bit off on those sharp angle shots. Getting the Blocher down not getting the pad down where it needs to be. Those are two goals that need to be saved by Colin Delia. There's no doubt about that. Just finds it. A little bit too late. He knows it's in the back of the neck for a little bit of a quiet United Center. Here's the capitals get within two with four and a half to go here. Whistle fern offsides. At the hawk blue line four thirty one left in period. Number two. The hawks lead to capitals four to two. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN. My daughter got her driver's license. And I'm just now getting to the point where I'm no longer holding my breath when I ride with her. I'm Eric Lapan from country financial. And I know it's a little scary. When you see your kids backing out of the driveway by themselves for the first time. But knowing that you're young driver has the proper protection from country financial could make you feel better taking simple steps today may help you breathe a little easier tomorrow. Find a Representative near you at take simple steps dot com. At Loyola medicine. We.

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