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Sean Sounds good thanks everybody? That's tune in via discord as well as twitch you can catch us at gaming it'd be S. dot com for slash twitch. If you WANNA see us we don't have like a steady. Hey we're doing Mondays at seven. Bright I kind of re roll free flowing at the moment until we put down and schedules start to kind of solidify. Yeah calm down a bit but otherwise I'm Sean I'm Brett good night. Good game this episode of Gaming. Bs brought to you with the help from the following. Be as Sirs Cram Minor Corey win. Michael Dinos Joe Swick Curtis Takahashi. Aaron Rayleigh A- Corey Welsh Larry. How marked Asaka pure Manga Christie? Ron Bishop Thomas Hook. Wayne Humphry Craig Brandon Barnes Laremy Wall. Dan Lavallee Jason Hob Sky Hold School. Dm Perry Bizarre. Jim Fitzpatrick Christopher Gray. John Keyword Corey Gonzales. Eileen Barnes Robert Nemat Nile diamond. Howard Bishop Eric Sauls. We'd all the classic Gamer Jeff Goad Airy Otis. Cw Mellencamp Craig Huber Old Scouser roleplaying. Jared Rascher Andy Hall David F Bay Log. Harrigan Melissa Brian Rumble Henry Nukem Eric Tele Husker Roger Brass at Mark Soem Andy Olson Erica via Ron. Blessing Jeff Seifert Ghost. Gm Mike Has Junior Angus. Tony sugarloaf Baker. Rory Weston Curtis Hinson in Jim Ingram Kirk Dirty lous Aka Diane Chad gleaming. Josh Wallace Mirko Froehlich and rich with Sean. Hey Do us a favor? You've liked what you've heard on this show. Go tell somebody about it. Have them subscribe or give us a listen head? Over to gaming and BS DOT com forward slash subscribe thanks bs Urs. This has been litterbox studio production..

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