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I am your host robot over and i hope that you and your dog if you have one well now are that if you on here like me you think that dogs are awesome and the best way to get more people to realize that is to share the knowledge so please don't forget shit this podcast with as many friends as you like my guest this week. We'll be jason. Johnson will be talking. A bout flash. But i in some doggy news in the us. In arizona coda the think kaieda is a what was going on her morning. Walk with the family when they were getting close to of the local animal shelters in chiyoda stockton and was behaving A little differently and being very sort of inquisitive with a rubbish bag cutters owners investigated the rubbish bag and inside found ice sealed. Food kula inside. The kula was a cat. Cat was tycoon into the shelter and is continuing to have some treatment with the. It's this will done coda. And i have a to thailand in bangkok this a clip doing the social media round showing it Now the display of unconditional love. Where dog is trying to jump up onto a stretcher where it's guardian is being loaded into an ambulance by health workers Bank suspected of being covered nineteen positive. The lady was taken to hospital and Son is now looking after the dog. And he's this week's interview. Welcome to the relax dog podcast. Or 'em he with johnson johnson. How you i'm doing good sir. Thank you so much for having me An absolute pleasure so whereabouts in the world. Today we're in tennessee at our project hero rehabilitation rehoming facility where we have one hundred seventy seven acres located in the mountains. Between chattanooga nashville. Noise love the knauss. I've been spice. Who are we going to talk about today. Lino at project here. We have one hundred and forty two dogs in her program currently in over one hundred fifty applications weighty. But we're gonna talk about a special dog who not only was my police inept partner. Who helped inspire me start this organization. Who if i had a co founder would be my co-founder who also was named the two thousand eighteen law enforcement hero dog of the year in the united states. So that is canine flash It's just going to be a special as per usual. I ask everyone to take us back in time to before you and flash connected and talk talk to us about the. The house and wise. That happened was sure. I came to the united states because i wanted to be a united states army military police officer in nineteen ninety-three serve my country from ninety three to ninety eight stationed in europe. Had few station team. That states never really had an opportunity to get into the military working dog program just because of the unit was in locations. That was still very young. I came in eighteen. So i wanted to get out of the military and i wanted to get police. Canine business I knew i'd wanna been dog handled the whole time. So when i came in the canine business or the police business in nineteen ninety nine you know the way in the united states here to get in again at businesses. Devan put bite suit bay tracks. Do korean started doing that. My first year in did that. For several years i was in the south hill..

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