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Whenever they happen I'm Rebecca Missouri son ten ten wins will score one for the protesters that was the message today from governor Cuomo one day after he signed a package of police accountability measures into state law now he's telling demonstrators who demanded those reforms following the death of George Floyd Minneapolis to make sure they now take part in efforts to revamp local policing the governor has signed an executive order requiring all the state's police departments to implement reforms or it could cost them as correspondent mark Remillard report under Cuomo's order requires all local police agencies including the NYPD to develop as it says plans to reinvent and modernize their policing strategies and it requires them to develop that plan with input from the community he says it's an opportunity for police and communities to reshape their relationship together in the communities that want a different relationship design it define it do it over the next nine months police agencies are required to submit plans or risk losing state funding and they have a deadline of April first of next year to drop those reforms nine months from now the governor also calling on protesters to go home and enjoy their demonstration saying quote you one you accomplish your goal society says your rights however the protests continued today in the city from the Upper East Side to lower Manhattan and from Brooklyn to far Rockaway is our holy here reports cars honked in buses because on their routes as demonstrators walked down First Avenue on the Upper East Side this woman didn't want to give her name but says it's personal I'm a black woman I have a father or brothers friends that are black men black women black trans men and women there's no way to sit here and be silent now that the governor has ordered police departments to come up with reform plans she says she's looking for big changes I would like them to Graham with the committee's opinion doesn't alternate leasing community police forces the governor is requiring police departments to come up with their plans by April first Holly here ten ten wins on the Upper East Side which used time ten twenty four well the corona virus pandemic is not over but here in New York case numbers are still dropping governor Cuomo reported thirty two new deaths today that's the lowest daily number the state is seen since the nightmare began as he puts it correspondent polo Sandoval has more the infection rate New York which was at one point the worst in the nation right now appears to be one of if not the lowest at this point also calling New York the anomaly in terms of what we're seeing after we began to see these re openings those numbers do continue to drop way and at the same time in other states this neighbor and that those numbers begin to rise as businesses begin to open as we are from the governor if that happens in some of the municipality's here New York then the likely go back to some of those closures in fact about two dozen states have seen coronavirus cases search since their recent pullback of pandemic restrictions and some areas are even seeing a shortage of hospital beds not unlike what happened here a few months back sixty eight degrees and clear skies right now we're going down to fifty six tonight midtown wins news time ten twenty five for all our sakes we need to avoid crowds as much as possible.

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