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Yes. Here is a guy. Right. It's not like he's looking in my in my mind is I was describing it. He's looking back like laughing at the Packers. But there's a guy right right on them. Like, he's he's looking back sort of fending off the guy behind him. And but I think clearly has forgotten about the return man who was back to field the punt that never came. And that guy steps up and just well, I mean, he's going in with the fake punt the caption on the highlight that I've got here says Lonnie Johnson nearly decapitated. I mean, it's bad. It's it's it's I mean, he gets he gets crushed. Lambeau memories. Right. Lambeau Lor that goes down in lambo Lor. Mike, Renner pro football focus on the bills early season performances. They've been kind of both ends of the spectrum here is we know he's coming up in about fifteen minutes. We talked to Mike once before the season started remember him being specifically critical or pessimistic for the bills offense of line wonder what I think maybe we're all wondering like so what does the Viking game tell us, and we'll get his expert opinion on that in about sixteen minutes. Mike Chopin the bulldog here, this is WJR. Hey, Washington DC is the boomer size and former pro football quarterback. I insist on as act trimmed from my home as is the best high performance trim on the market with as trim. There's no chipping cracking.

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