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At Coronas borders and she's got a cool new outfit. Yes her cool are is made from the Block Rock. So it's super durable. But I have to wonder exactly how She moves in it if it's made from rock. It's like flexible rock. I wonder how how like how come the is that. Like when she's sitting down she's literally sitting on a rock. I also loved like Eugene's Dad being back that he was still there and Republicans. Like so worried about Eugene. Finding out about The surprise party. She's planning because the dad let her know what day is actual birthday was and how he's actually turning and he's like. I didn't even think about it around him just to make sure that he wouldn't signed down the crazy crow. Dodd is back in his still. Has that quirk where he says what he's thinking like when he's like okay. Come to hi Fi Frederick. Yeah he's such a such a silly billy he in Frederick would get along really nicely now. That Frederick loosened up a bit My goodness I wonder. I wonder when his crow crow ever lays an egg about Frederick's GonNa Steal it his collection you won't have to steal it. He'll just the criminal. Just give it to them coming back to when they were trying to keep you gene for Friday. Doubt about the party and stuff. I love That landslide caught on so quick to repentance. Hint like Oh get him out of here. Give him like a a list to do for this fake party that were like coming up with. Keep him from finding out the real deal and lance was just so funny about his his list and like getting everything on less exactly right and it was just really funny. I really enjoyed that little moment. They had together. I was a little confused on. If that was a list of things. They actually need it or was it just a random list that she had lying around just randomly. I'm pretty sure it was actually for the party because I thought I saw some like a few of the items were party related like balloons or something but then almost it was like singer Song. Well maybe maybe she anticipated having to get Eugene out of the way and so she wrote it up ahead of time. Maybe it may be. So what do you think about the kind of the setup for the episode being that it's Eugene Party? I liked it. I like that. You Gene Eugene he no. He loves talk about himself. And so it was like the cake was of his face and everything I thought that was so funny And it was really really interesting how they all hung up about his age. Yeah that'd be so interested. I thought I was wondering how you feel about that because we always talk about how funny their age gap is in. He confirms that he is officially twenty six today. His really feeling his age. He's like wow. I mean imagine scary. That'd be to realize like your your life like your days are already so numbered and then being like wow. I have a whole less year of life than I thought I would have. I wrote down. It reminds me a lot of if you read the book the candy makers by Wendy Mass it reminds me a lot of daisy because she the same thing happens to her basically she finds out. She's a year older than she was in so she finds out that she missed her big like official teenage coming of Age Party. So a just a year might not sound like a big realization. It does mean that all your milestones off. Yeah that is Kinda. That's very weird and I was. I was lucky kind of annoyed because they always get interrupted like right before like right before they can answer so like Republicans like just about pose and then like cast bursts. It and I was like no because at the coronation like very similar happens where she liked. Can't really answer because Fillon pops in so I just what I wanted to be? Like right after Poza where he says yes and then cast can come in as like I was so close. But but how do you feel now? That Eugene's ages officially confirmed as twenty six. Well he acts like he's too so balances out kind of funny because we've always talked about that and then they give like this like Yup. Okay you want to know how this all the. It's a surprise to him too. I thought it was really sweet though his dad knew about it and kind of planned planned So he could officially give them real birthday. But I'm kind of didn't tell us what day it is. It would have been kind of Nice to know so we can celebrate you know as a Fan community like in January twentieth or something. I mean I guess we can say that it's the day the episode came out which would be January twenty. Sixth Twenty fifth. Isn't that twenty today. Oh my goodness so. Eugene is a January Baby. Oh that makes sense though. It came out on the twenty six piece turning twenty six thousand good schedules things the way they do. I guess so kind of makes sense in this case the twenty sixth of January. Okay but yes right right on time to spoil the engagement which we kind of predicted as a funny thing remember we were like will you marry me and then. Casandra like no. If it's Herbert cazar ruined everything. I'm wondering so she comes in and she's like swell party guessing. My invitation lost in the mail. How Long Do you think she workshop? That expect there to be a party when she burst editor. I mean I feel like she probably surveyed the scene a little bit. I was Kinda confused. They seemed like so surprised that she came to corona. But why didn't they expect to come to corona? I mean. She obviously had beef over puzzle at? She's big odd for Bud. So obviously I would think it'd be logical. They expect you to show up sooner or later. Will I mean they were probably trying not to? I mean it's not something you really want to think about and after it's been months so I feel like if she was gonna come back they would expect her to come right back but since she stayed away for so long they probably were just trying to put it out of their minds. I mean obviously all their attention was on this part is you don't really think about you know that happening at that time. Cast you perfect. I like to think that she planned it on purpose. So that she could ruin Eugene's birthday his birthday was maybe she did. Maybe the ghost told her. Maybe I really loved Lances Little Bit with the popcorn. Two dollars funny. I'm glad you said that 'cause I screened to that and I tweeted out. This is all of us today. Yep Very humorous yet but the whole first confrontation does not really go at all. How I expected it costs. Just kinda walks in and she slices herself a piece of cake and she even shuts the door on her way back out. Yeah she's very neat and tidy. It was yeah. I was not expecting that at all. I mean it. Wasn't it really a standard kind of villain reintroduction expected at least slam the door? You know I think she shouted pretty pretty normally. Yeah it was. Kinda weird how she said. Oh you know there's only like You know ex cons to advise you now and I thought that was kind of a weird line because reponsible has parents who are royalty to advise so I was like what do you mean like. She's still not like a lot of like wise people router to advise it. I was just kind of a weird weird lying. And then she says lance she says the only advisers you have left are ex convicts and losers but I thought it might have been a better line to say ex convicts and children because reading angry. You seem to be in the inner circle. Now that's true that's true and technically to land said that ever been convicted of anything that everyone caught to be convicted. That was funny and I also thought it was funny when Eugene Votes. He needed to clarify whether you felt that he had to clarify that. He did not wish for cast to come back did he was that secretly. His wish they collaborated yeah. I thought it was interesting. That after last week's incident with the moisturizer he has this whole age. Dilemma TALKS ABOUT NEEDING. A skin tightening serum. Yeah I just felt bad for me. He's only twenty cents makes.

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