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And so after the experiment ended go, and whose name is derived from her bands, which was green over orange would always like, you know, fly over to me and be like, hey, what's going on not going to get that peanut? And and it was this amazing. I loved my favorite part about it was when I was working I could hear her bands jingle. So I could hear when she was following me around. And it was just like there's I mean just feel like Snow White. It's just amazing to have this wild animal. That's like, I know you can I have some food. That is weird. 'cause you just think that they'd be so indifferent to you. But it's like, but that lady. Yeah. And. And that's the difference between crows on a lot of birds because you can hand, you know, you can train a lot like chicken. I I don't know why pick them, but it took these what what who? Yeah. But you can you know like in Stanley park in Vancouver. For example, there's a or there used to be a place where you know, there's a there's a guy and he'd hand you a little birdseed. And you put it in your palm, chickens would flock to you. Right. Because they they learned that it's okay to feed from people, but they're not discriminating. Among those people versus crows are like you you feed me, and I'm cool with you. And I will get close to you. But not to these other people, and it's just incredible. And the reason I said I used to talk a lot more about go is she cheap died last year. How do you know because because she was banded some when somebody found her body, they reported her and what happened we don't know. Yeah. It was it was the middle of summer. So her body had already decomposed beyond our ability to detect, but she was at least sixteen whoa. So. Yeah, good life. So she may be dead old age. Yeah. Who knows so they gave her a good send off I hope so too. And I I collected her body. You did I did. So I actually I have her bands. Do I have. Probably I have her her bones and her bands and a little box. And I my husband for a graduation present actually commissioned a portrait of her. So I think I'm going to create like a shadow box with her with the picture medicine may feel that the illustration she's an amazing natural history, illustrator based out of Australia. And and so I'm going to have a little shadow box with her portrait, and then her bands because I I like loved the Spurs. Yeah. She was this. I don't know how to describe it. It's just incredible. When you found out. Oh, I cried. Yeah. And I have a whole blog post about saying goodbye to her because she, you know, I did this research because I loved these birds and because she was really close to my office. Like, I said once the experiment was over, and I could start paying gauge with her, you know, in a more casual way in an uncontrolled way, I would often go to her territory when I was just like bent out of shape and stressed, and she would fly over to me. And and I would look at her, and, you know, give her a peanut or whatever I just sort of would inspire me to keep doing the work. I was doing because I was like I love these birds. Everyone needs to love these birds like. I wonder if this is gonna make anyone make a new crow friend at the bus stop. You..

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