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Thirty to sixty two I'm Sergio Sanchez in for our buddy day now ma'am do headlights are just so I can meet them when the clear a couple friends checking in from Indiana is trolled was subject well I was thinking when you were talking about buying actions are you see the Democrats around the poker table each one of them up in the anymore to vote for them to give you free healthcare the next one will see that and throw in a free college and eliminate the college debt and another one says I'll see all that your thousand dollars a month that's a really good point yeah every day every day on the platform on the left every day all these can it's a trying to buy the election and provide all these favors thank you Jack Mike is in Orlando welcome to the Danish what's up Mike I'd like to make a few comments about the new Manitoba although they have about six months and that's why I make a quick go they grow indication federalisation of Thomas white that's right this is the guy this is a guy in my body that last inclusion doesn't work yes I just didn't work and now they're trying to run an addict of another recessional it's on its way because that is where they want to president trump is going to work because there is no indicate that what so ever that we are getting polarization absolutely yes that's that's great thank you my click or economy is two thirds consumer based two thirds consumer we're spending like there's no tomorrow and we're borrowing like there's no tomorrow and we're refinancing mortgages and stopping of mortgages those retail numbers are crazy in the most recent report the mortgage bankers association showing us those mortgages through the roof yeah we're doing just fine thank you okay see what let's do some headlines.

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