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And live your life instead <Speech_Male> of waiting for <Speech_Male> a federal <Speech_Male> bureaucrat. <SpeakerChange> <Silence> To tell you <Speech_Male> if you and <Speech_Male> your family can get together <Speech_Male> for christmas that <Speech_Male> is absurd. <Speech_Male> And if you're living your life <Speech_Male> that way you <Speech_Male> have become an absurd <Speech_Male> person. Hi <Speech_Male> there it is. <Speech_Male> You're here extent. Here's the <Speech_Male> phone. Number is <Speech_Male> eight. Seven seven <Speech_Male> nine seven <Speech_Male> eric. Eight seven seven <Speech_Male> nine seven three <Speech_Male> seven four to <Speech_Male> five. I gotta <Speech_Male> i gotta tell <Speech_Male> you steve. Bourbon <Silence> a buddy of mine. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> He put <SpeakerChange> up a <Speech_Male> thread on twitter. <Speech_Male> This morning. that <Speech_Male> i gotta just <Silence> read for <Speech_Male> you. <Speech_Male> He talking about <Speech_Male> anthony voucher <Speech_Male> on tv. <Speech_Male> Praised merck's <Speech_Male> new drug <Speech_Male> mole nuclear <Speech_Male> ravioli. <Speech_Male> Mole new <Speech_Male> era. <Speech_Male> I have no idea i. It's <Speech_Male> a potential treatment <Speech_Male> for mild to moderate <Speech_Male> cova. Nineteen <Silence> the tamiflu for <Silence> <Speech_Male> kovin. <Speech_Male> But let me just read <Silence> you. His threat here. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Merck did <Silence> not develop the drug. <Silence> <Speech_Male> It is an experimental <Speech_Male> antiviral <Speech_Male> drug. <Speech_Male> Mk <Speech_Male> four four. Eight to <Speech_Male> develop by emory <Silence> university to treat the flu <Speech_Male> merck <Speech_Male> bought it in <Speech_Male> twenty twenty one from ridgeback <Speech_Male> bio therapeutics <Speech_Male> to conduct <Speech_Male> accelerated testing. <Speech_Male> It's not like <Speech_Male> merck would want to <Speech_Male> cash in on cove. Nineteen <Speech_Male> or anything with a wonder <Speech_Male> drug. They <Speech_Male> missed out on the vaccine. <Silence> Bonanza right <Speech_Male> merck. <Speech_Male> Us patent <Speech_Male> will expire in twenty <Speech_Male> forty imrie <Speech_Male> worked with georgia <Speech_Male> state university researchers <Speech_Male> in late <Speech_Male> twenty twenty <Speech_Male> found the drug effective <Speech_Male> against <Speech_Male> the spread of stars. <Speech_Male> Moore's viruses <Speech_Male> and ferrets. <Speech_Male> This attracted <Speech_Male> merck's <Speech_Male> attention. <Speech_Male> Emory was <Speech_Male> a nonprofit subsidiary. <Speech_Male> Has a nonprofit <Speech_Male> subsidiary called drive <Speech_Male> innovations <Speech_Male> drug innovations <Speech_Male> at emory <Speech_Male> that does experimental <Speech_Male> drug research with <Speech_Male> a twenty million dollar lab <Speech_Male> provided by the school. <Speech_Male> We're a nonprofit. <Speech_Male> That thinks <Speech_Male> like a for profit <Silence> is their tagline <Speech_Male> in october. <Speech_Male> Twenty seventeen <Speech_Male> dr published. <Speech_Male> They're prophetic video. <Speech_Male> That more <Speech_Male> or less predicted <Speech_Male> the cove nineteen <Speech_Male> pandemic drives. <Speech_Male> Goal is to focus <Speech_Male> on things <Speech_Male> that big companies don't <Speech_Male> do because there's <Silence> no big profit in them <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> where does drives money come <Speech_Male> from well from grants <Speech_Male> nearly a billion <Speech_Male> dollars in twenty <Silence> twenty one. A record <Speech_Male> the <Speech_Male> lion's share of funding <Speech_Male> for imerys research <Speech_Male> enterprise. This year came <Speech_Male> from federal agencies <Speech_Male> which contributed <Speech_Male> five hundred ninety eight <Speech_Male> million dollars. The <Speech_Male> national institutes health <Speech_Male> led the sector <Speech_Male> with five hundred twenty six <Speech_Male> million to tap into <Speech_Male> imerys long <Speech_Male> and deep expertise and <Speech_Male> infectious diseases. <Speech_Male> The nih <Speech_Male> and cdc <Speech_Male> over which the <Speech_Male> lead administrator for <Speech_Male> infectious diseases <Speech_Male> determining where grant <Speech_Male> money goes gave <Speech_Male> billions to drive <Speech_Male> the nonprofit <Speech_Male> run by imrie <Speech_Male> with help from georgia <Speech_Male> state university. <Speech_Male> They produced <Speech_Male> mk four <Speech_Male> forty two in early <Speech_Male> twenty twenty. <Speech_Male> This was

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