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If the twelve thousand off twenty nineteen Barbera leftovers clearance price today apart bears on the Boulevard I'm Billy Dawson the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center now a check of eyewitness weather let's check in with CVS threes Tiffany Simona the heat and the humidity will be making a comeback this weekend we'll start off with some patchy fog early this morning in spots becoming partly cloudy this afternoon hot and humid highs around ninety with the heat index of ninety five Caroline and isolated late day showers storm at most areas stay dry warm and muggy overnight as temperatures fall into the lower seventies and then on Sunday will do it all over again hot and humid highs around ninety two with a heat index of ninety eight and a slight chance for a late day shower or storm currently broadcast center it is overcast seventy five degrees and going up to ninety do you know your Amazon speaker is also a radio ask you to play K. Y. W. new three three things to know at seven fifteen little girl has been found dead in a hot van parked at the living world practical life a family shattered on lookers shock in Oregon braces for trouble as there could be a toxic mixture of right and left wing groups today the officials bringing in reinforcements in case somebody searching for a fight three the movie peanut butter falcon is billed as the first Hollywood film with a lead actor who has down syndrome this weekend the Conshohocken native who helped make the movie is back home telling everyone including K. Y. W. suburban.

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