Senator Corker, Jonathan Martin, New York Times discussed on Washington Today


It no right i don't yep jio senator corker with jonathan martin of the new york times and maitre d' our voice on the line right they were recording it as everyone on that call new john martin who is being recorded senator corcoran staff news recorded everyone knew there was for being reported the president said that wasn't the case right and take that for what you will so sunday morning early sunday afternoon this all begins to break what are you thinking well i've become somewhat inured to the weekend i really wanna choose my words carefully here um the weekend extravagance of the president's twitter account um and the reaction that spins off from it which is sometimes only lasting that day sometimes you can carry over to mid week of the following week one thing that i've always said steve that is the great challenge about covering this white house and it was the same challenge i encounter covering the campaign is the importance of separating the interesting from the important this whole feud with senator corker is interesting because it doesn't really have a precedent but is it as important for example as the epa deciding the environmental protection agency to recommend to the president which you will do rescinding president obama's clean power initiative in the grand scheme of things in terms of a country that is dealing with a great number of hurricanes of tremendous ferocity and damage both to life and property wildfires in california and renewed sense of curiosity about whether climate change is driving these natural disasters or if not driving than making them worse which is more important a feud with the retiring senate republican not seeking reelection or that changing and existing policy to move coalfired power plants from that fossil fuels coalfired power to renewable energy that's a big topic and a huge issue and one of the things that the challenge about this white house is trying to keep focused on those things when so many other things are more demonstrably interesting and dr much more social media traffic dr much more curiosity and much more conversation it.

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