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Trophies. Yeah. But is that that one I respect more than the Grammys or less? I don't remember. But whatever it is. Is like listen to somebody talk about opera. Just I'm waiting till you're done or shows Taylor swift is the the opening speaker poster she hosting or she just see I personnel talk. Anyway, she's going to be on the TV having just declared that she's going to get political. Yes. So look forward to that super and the crowd will cheer wildly because they all agree. So there you go won't that be just grand won't we all enjoy listening to clips of that tomorrow. Pen in my eye. Will help. Probably wouldn't help just as a show of your disgust anger. I guess it's like setting yourself on fire, but similar not quite as much. It's no treat though. No, man. Yeah. Yeah. Never mind. Happiness. We all want to be happy. Right. Yes. Please you're happy. And you know, here's what I suggest you do. Clap your hands. And I say this every time happiness comes up read the art of happiness by the Dalai Lama, one of the best things I've ever read my life. So good. Oh, I've got a couple of books on happiness. In fact, I think one of them was called on happiness urges happiness. We interviewed the block. And then I met him. This would be better. If I had the fella's name in a twister Aroo being happy is actually being selfish. If you look at it that way. You just you just have to be smart enough to understand what stuff's gonna make you happy. Right. Right. Yeah. And not being selfish is the most selfish. You thing you can do is don't be selfish. That's what will make you. Happy. But I'm really confused focusing on pleasures and stuff like that won't make you happy. It just doesn't never has throughout history. Right. According to one several all all of the rate philosophies. Right. Right. So do the selfish thing that's gonna make you happy which is to be unselfish. Exactly. The too much of a twist, drew. That's the way I look at it. It's crazy. But here they've got the people that studied this in a more of analytical sort of way over the years happiness. Researchers have consistently found that happiness usually follows a u shaped curve throughout the course of a person's life people are happy and satisfied with their lives when they're young that drops off considerably in middle age when you're doing the whole job child rearing thing then makes a u turn and heads back up in your late fifties, if you had kids earlier than I did I'm sure and beyond when the kids move out and work starts to wind down. That's when the happiness trend starts to get back to where when you were young. Tends to be the case for most people. I think I'm in the weirdly dislocated kids just left period. So my you should be heading northwards soon. Exactly. This kind of this kind of fits in with this study that parents have a on average thirty two minutes to themselves per day. Do you have kids and feel like you never have any time to yourself? It's no allusion. You really don't unders- new survey which summer calling depressing. I know finds that. The average parent has thirty two minutes to him or herself each day. Do the driving. Probably okay. That's the only time I have to myself as one of them in my car getting to work in back might move further away. Give give myself more time. Maybe my radio ranch. How would Nebraska's the survey found that about a third of parents don't get? Eighteen hundred mile commute. Anyway, I'm sorry. You were saying they found that one out of three parents doesn't get done working using my finger quotes until eight PM each day. I'm usually going pass that. Yeah. Etcetera etcetera, usually until I go to bed. And. Ah quarter of respondents said they hid from their kids. An average of four times per week actually hide. What I haven't done that when we're playing hide and seek, but it's right there in the name. Well, and you got a bigger place than I ever. Did you do that successfully? Mommy. Daddy. Try the east wing. So that fits in with this whole U-shaped thing though, right? That would be the part of life where you're on the people say, they're less satisfied with their lives. I have less time to I guess. Yeah. I could see that. I I would hate to portray those years of my life is like not good though. No. I don't. Yeah. It depends on what you do. So like, I don't have time to myself when I'm busy taking care of the kids during the day. I don't mind that I'm not thrilled about the after. They're in bed cleaning the house doing dishes. I could live without that. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not Dalai Lama enough to feel like this is part of serving others. I'd be happy. But you're not there yet. Yeah. All the hours dragged, but the years jerk is they say, and you know, I I was acutely aware of being very satisfied with my life. When we had a houseful kid. I concur. But then there's this people who think that their immediate supervisor is more of a partner than a boss are significantly happier with their day to day lives in more satisfied with their lives. Overall, surprise out of the same researchers that are talking about the u shaped happiness thing. So you're in the middle aged working part of your life when you're less satisfied, according to this. If you see your bosses, a partner as a partner Boston said of a boss boss works out to about a point four point increase on the ten point lice life satisfaction scale, which doesn't sound like much. But this actually says it's a huge amount. So I'd go from six to six point four you're saying that would be the equivalent in life satisfaction to doubling your household income, according to studies. So doubling my household income. Also takes me from six to six point four, correct. Wow. How interesting I have some some questions some follow ups. If you're in the sort of gig and position where you are more a collaborator with your boss than an underling. Well, I don't know. That's interesting years sort of person in sorta line of work, and you're probably making more money anyway. But don't good bosses. Make it feel like your collaborator. Much more productive way to approach much much much more. And y'all who don't do it that way. I'm going to be charitable. I would say this. It's time to have a little personal growth and understand that being a hard ass while easy and satisfying on on one level is not nearly as productive and will not make you nearly as much money is if you're people feel like they're working with you. I'll be very vague wilder working for you because the participants in my life story are all still alive. I think supper one one guy died he was kind of a boss and the cops have some questions for you. But everybody else is still alive. So any, you know, all just call him. Oh, caviar in the store. Very good. 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