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Something that Adam silver is to suspend him for what he say. He might any might be within his rights to does a quote, I'll blank you're to we actually high near. Okay. So kids don't talk like this on your way to school today. But this is what happens when adults maybe with a beverages say things to players that create responses. So this was only the never heard what this guy Shane KYW's L K I SEAL whose Twitter and Instagram is now under scrutiny around the country. And he's shut it down. Some of those tweets are real it better be under screw knows. I'd ask spider Leland my under thirty connection. If how do you tell a fake tweet and real tweet me, you're asking the wrong guy. I don't know the answer is there's no real way to tell the answer. Is you kind of have to use intuition? And just what what looks. Legit. What sounds fake and that I tweet that you mentioned the one that says, hey, Russ respite go back where you came from hashtag maga- see that one was from a few months ago. And so that makes me think that it's real just because it, you know, the the random day anything that you see from today or like the last couple of days would kind of set off my alarm a little bit. Yeah. They had one dated from twelve twelve nine thousand nine AM last night. Dropping an end bombers, I probably wouldn't go on Twitter last night and do that after the instance that one might have been fake, very this was what Russell Westbrook was caught on film doing by the way, it was in the first quarter. Second quarter wasn't like crunch time. And he had a bunch of ice on his knees too. So and this is just Russ yelling at the guy and apparently his wife..

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