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Back to the ninety five the most people are terrified going back because of their friends in their family will you cut your job which we are the nausea do you went out and your business failed we were rooting for you but we kind of news gonna fail which is a great what a great friend or feminine were an identical back fiveday rob that's like the nightmare i think most people employee user terrified of losing their job entrepreneurs are terrified of having a job so to drago give the entrepreneur than have fail and come back the nightmare of nightmares yet if no fine alpha are going to have to make her decision in the business then deciding to quite and go back and ain't you know what the media don't need to go back new continue other freelance or whatever to sustain than income until you figure out the next them but i think it's harder being an entrepreneur entrepreneur ended estimate for going i one hundred percent agree but again to the point a lot of people are going hungry ogle in online right ono widow fast and i don't want to i have the same struggle it you know i'm not you know i'm reading about before my business took off i remember my first year an even at some points in my second european like oh my goodness to be so much easier to just shut everything down i'm only pending other people first like i'm working to make money to pay other people first and pay myself last and if there's not enough to go round i don't get anything i get very little but i'm the one doing most of the work that ends up paying all these people inside you becomes using job and keep all my own money and being at places such a terrible feeling but i think having gone through the pool rushing through it and getting to a place where you're like now at a place my phone ever after the money it's just like to look back and do i you got through that's the goal i think of an entrepreneur is to get to that place was she gotta get through the hostile and you gotta get through the adversity to back to.

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