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Some light rain sixty degrees in Boston at four o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Nicole Davis. And here's what's happening police in Needham, and Arlington trying to find out now who set fire to Jewish centers in those towns asleep so far police say, they don't know these fires three and all are connected. Two of the fires were set at rabbi AVI. Book it's home on lake street in Arlington at home also used as a worship center both of those fires put out quickly. No one was hurt. Luna book. It is the rabbi's wife, and she says, they don't plan on going anywhere. You have committed our lives spreading universal message of light and love this will not deter us, if anything we will double down on our efforts to bring more goodness into the world and create a better world for all of our children. Also police in need them say a fire was intentionally set last night at a Jewish center on high rock street say they're working with several agencies to figure out what's going on here, including the ATF the FBI and the state fire Marshall's office twenty. Thousand dollar reward up now for any info leading to an arrest. Of course, we're watching this investigation as continues in those towns. Keep it right here to WBZ radio. We'll give you updates as we get them up. Maybe when you get home tonight, making dinner settling in tune in on your smart, speaker, very easy to do. All you have to do is say, play, WBZ NewsRadio on iheartradio. Let's 4._0._1. and no bail today for the woman accused of killing a married couple from east Bridgewater in a horrific crash, Sherry Vasquez was arraigned this afternoon over in Taunton district court. Police say according to their early investigations. Vasquez was apparently driving in a high rate of speed down one thirty eight last night in eastern. That's when they say her vehicle crashed into another vehicle trying to turn onto purchase street is, she got out of the car after the crash and ran from the scene. Police arrested her a bit later over the town line in west Bridgewater Vasquez to back in court next week for a dangerousness hearing south Boston congressman Stephen Lynch says he's got concerns about a proposed seaplane service out of Boston Harbor now. It could negatively impact residents living in south ball. Austin WBZ's. Carl Stevens has more with the CEO of Cape air CEO. Dan wolf tells WBZ he's not sure if congressman Stephen Lynch is concerned about a seaplane operation out of the, seaport district will slow down the company's plans. He says they've been doing familiarization flights in and out of the harbor for the past six weeks. The reason we're doing the familiarization flights is to make sure that everything is Saint up, but also to give a press community members elected officials the opportunity to see the service and to understand how painstakingly we have made sure that there is very, very negative very small negative impact. He says they still hope to start a commercial seaplane service between Boston Harbor and New York harbor, sometime this summer from south Boston calls Stephen stubbed BBC. Boston's News Radio. 4:02. And today, President Trump spent time with real tour said the national association of realtors trade exposition during his remarks he announced a new trade deal with China and met, or rather with Canada and Mexico lifting tariffs on steel and aluminum pleased to announce that we've just reached an agreement with Canada and Mexico, and we'll be selling our product into those countries without the imposition of tariffs, or major tariffs nights, President, Mike Pence says he's heading north.

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