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It's not that I'm Irish Catholic. There was never belly that or anything but a blue shirt to work and I gotta tell you, it was really amazing to see what's going on. Now. That party has left Traditional Democrats. Please understand your party is no longer your party. This is a socialist Communist group of people that don't believe and what we've always believed in. And that is the president Doesn't Trump's America first. Let's do it right for America first. It's great a Congress we kill you like I am a swell like I think, folks kind enough to listen to us this morning is that you're just what all you want to do It just you just work and always do the right thing. And then when you see something wrong, like, oh, people of taking votes in a suitcase from underneath a card table, you know, in Georgia or scanning or not allowing they weren't allowing Corey Lewandowski. Or a PM balmy into the offices and fill it up. They wouldn't allow it. How in the name of God, do they let this go? They think we're dumb Congressman Kelly. You know they think we're done, but how they allowed to happen. And I just We are puzzled this that there's such a good portion of America. That and supporting the president is one thing and we do We know that But we're just puzzled why they won't acknowledge what the evidence we're seeing. Clears They on television, sir. I'm with you before. We're Democrats and Republicans were American, and I think that the whole chest of this was what if you're going to stoop to these kinds of illegal votes? Win elections, and you're not the people that should be here and you represent them. That's horrible. It's so true. Hey, congressman, we know Do you know about the Texas lawsuit? Anything about now We know that there's other states joining this Texas lawsuit. At least that's going to the Supreme Court and the inside line on that congressman, Or are you just concentrating on your lawsuit? That you you're dealing with concentrating on Pennsylvania right now, But I'm glad to Texas came forward. You know, Joe, and then we lost him. Comes dancing well, do you have standing? What does that means? You have a reason to be doing this legal action. That's assuming somebody now the next 77 in Pennsylvania. They said they think the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which is a five to court D Court. You guys waited too long to come here. You needn't come here before that. We can't see somebody until you're harmed. So you're telling us that we should come here? But I think they're gonna do something illegal. We want food. And they say that everything that was great, But I was so filly. That was something that was so today. I heard you say that before I was so true where they go? No, he should have been here before we got there before they have to say now that there's nothing here. I don't see anything. It's unbelievable What we see, Congressman we listen. We appreciate your fight. We appreciate you and I gotta tell you this to Mike Kelly, if I may, you know, so we opened this retro fitness in Bethlehem. Right in Bethlehem Pencil. Great town, you know, beautiful town. But now that the spike here despite their and this guy, Governor Wolf he's harder to work with. And Governor Murphy in Jersey. This guy, I mean, and I respectfully I say to the governor of Pennsylvania. But this is something that it's that machine. You know, It's a secretary of state. It's that machine that is all throughout the Keystone State. And here you're you're in the middle of a trying to fight it. God bless you for what you're doing, Congressman, you know Now. Do you know what you're saying? There's no way we're walking away from this. This is the future of our country. And if this is allowed to stay and my goodness it is over for us. As far as being a representative republic with fair and free election. This has been games so badly and people say, Well, can you prove that I could stop that stuff? Don't give me that crap. Can you prove it? I won't do that as a kid growing up and something will go wrong. Yeah, I know. You can't prove it, Can you? You know what we are going to prove it. We have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits signed by people were on the ground and watching this go on. They're they're being looked at, and I think Joe's weaker one. I'm hoping that the fact that you you shed more light on what happened this election. American people at the end of the day will always do the right thing for the right reason, because that is the way we operate in America. God bless you, Congressman Kelly. And what's the next step before we let you go, sir? The next step for you regarding the Supreme Court, sir. Well, if you know we're going to see how the court now he goes from here on we were hoping you get the temporary injunction. We didn't get that overseeing on until all it takes is four justices on the Supreme Court to say this is a case worth hearing. So what? Where what We're hoping and praying for, And so I'm one member in the mess Right now, my friends give me about lighting candles. I'd like every single candle in America like now and played it straight with the Lord and he looks and any brains would listen to the Supreme Court to say. This is your time to step up and do the most important thing that we've seen in generations, and it lights up our heart. Geiger's whatever actually been a representative. In the House of Representatives actually goes to church. Not only that lights a candle. God bless you for that. Mike Kelly. Hey, Congressman. Thanks for the fight, Mike. Thanks for always joining us, man. We love you, man. And God bless you got speed, and hopefully I'll get to see in person real soon, sir. I hope so. Thanks, Joey. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. A congressman Mike Kelly. Great guy. Great guy about that. Excuse me Going to church like the Captain. Come by my kind of guy. I'm just saying, yes. I made mass yesterday for immaculate conception. Yes, I did. Someone said Joe. Did you make man? Oh, yes, I did. I did. Newton, Mass. I'll tell you about that before we break though, for traffic. I want to say that route 22 Toyota if I may, and you know why. I love Alex can sell over there and Gigi and my friends over there. They have that state of the art service center and hillside, New Jersey to die for. You got to go when you got to see this, but they're adhering to all the CDC guidelines. Mass social distancing my favorite fogging vehicles with every service to make sure the disinfected and.

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