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Tom is soccer really good as everyone says he has. I think he's phenomenal. I mean we just like short bursts of him here. In the past few games the Premier League he's been doing great in the League. I love the kid. I think he's having a dream season right now as a youngster Arguably the best youngster in the Premier League. However you WANNA grade that I mean Trent Alexander and Roberson still youngsters so What do you think I agree with you? I think he's one of the best youngsters if not the best youngster in the permanently only issue is it's early he's only done it for a certain amount of months. He hasn't even gotten that many primarily games in under his belt. But it's showing a hell of a lot of promise and I I think he's a great future and I think he's got great English future as well. He could be one of the better players in the in the English team going forward especially in a world that outside back slash wingback is becoming very prevalent position so I think he's unbelievable. Yeah I mean like England has a problem they have too many too many Six Walker Trent AAA now Sokha. I mean probably more not even mentioning but Well Show God God damn England out of all clubs have a problem at left wingback which she now. It's the it's the I can't wait to talk your. What's it called the euros? I was GONNA say you're up the euros this year. I'm so excited. Do you have any early favorites Belgium Belgium the the golden generation. You think by title. I think it's down to them. France or England and Germany. Yeah you never. CanNot Germany like ever going through. The you know Pantheon of time of soccer just always. It's always a fair bet that bet on the Germans I still feel like they're going through a transition right now so I feel like they're still trying. I feel like the next World Cup. They're going to be really really good euros. I'm not too sure But Yeah I'm I'm really excited for the euro's this summer Benico Thank you for hanging around. This has been a long podcast. I know you know I've I've just kind of been rambling on for a bit. I don't even say the word gap earlier and I'm so embarrassed about that but Make sure to check out Nico on twitter at Niko Guy. Oh check out his podcast at. Can I kick it pod Zach right there on Itunes spotify anywhere where you can get podcasting? Go check him out. episodes we post depending on the week will always post before post on Tuesday morning. And we'll post on Friday morning so before the mid week matches if there are any or Before the weekend. So that's usually when we when we do it all right perfect. Well Tuesday the day before the Lad. You can get a little like you know like soccer. Then Oh yeah. Yeah and then finished lads or you want to start off with. Can I kick? It sometimes feel bad. Like oh lads is already overweight. Can I kick it right afterwards? You get Niko some more. He'll probably give you better gambling tips than me and Martin's Degener- ass could ever do and he also writes for. He is in soccer. He knows his shit. So Niko thank you again for coming into anything. I missed NI- cover the base. Thanks for finally Have me on? I appreciate the invite per usual and Keep it up man. Shoutout to lads shout roaring twenties. Shot your entire your entire thing. You've got going on Kevin. It's all it's all really awesome and I'm glad I could come on pods second time. Yeah I know I've been. I have twenty podcasts. And it sucks and it's awesome. I really don't talk about my roaring twenties on here because I was posting about it. On Lads for a bit and like it was annoying people and then you're really. You're not posting episode. You've been focusing on this. Like yeah this is like my little passion project. I'm sorry not enough bandwidth you know. Yeah Goddamn like I I got like I'm working on megaphone muscle working on buzzed. Browder on Lipson. I got three different providers. I'm like you know I'm working like four different instagram account. Good into one for my work. I'm busy but NICO again check out. Can I kick your pod? Checkout his work he's amazing and we'll be hanging out actually. This is a quick plug for both of us. We're going to be at the fan fest. Four Philadelphia April fourth and fifth. It's going to be awesome. There's a ton of people who listen to the show who are discord channel. We're all going to be there tons of fans of the show so yeah make sure to go to Philly April fourth and fifth birthday. Thanks Yep Song Cost..

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