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So biden administration's invited the un to write a report on our human rights because we need to shine a light on it for the world So is looking at the current countries that are on the human rights council of the u. And and there's a whole bunch of them. So i can't go through through all of them but you know among countries that are on there you've got china for instance which is just hilarious. Say half slaves and concentration camps and russia. Which obviously you know. The president has people pushed out a windows if he doesn't like what they're doing Cuba's on their currently. It's just fantastic. Currently beating people in the streets for protesting somalia sudan la monta those kind of countries on libya's on their stop it so yeah. Those countries are all going to judge us and write a paper about our human rights abuses various countries that put people's eyes out for disagreeing with the government. Now nice nice. At least that gave me a good laugh. I mean it's horrifying but at least he cheered me up. Thanks you welcome. Here's your freedom loving quoted that from dwight d. Eisenhower set along by alert listener. Philip history does not entrust the care of freedom to the week or timid. Amen to that y you know just a little bit discouraged at the state of the world right now. But i'm taking art. The words that dwight d it what they do when the going gets tough. I suggest perhaps it is the tough that should get going and i want to hear this clip every segment. I am firmly. And unequivocally in the camp of freebritney senator guy who's back for president for some time mailbag courtroom yesterday with the freebritney signs and everything. Who are you people. Who are you people. Nine hundred that's your 'cause let's say richard rights. Please explain why both of you refuse to talk about the election fraud since the beginning. My wife and i are loyal listeners. Not real journalists if you choose to ignore the truth or bob. You're no different than the media constantly criticized okay. Couple of things surfaced of all we talked about it for hours and hours hours unless you listen to the whole show every day. Don't tell us in lecture what we haven't talked about because we probably have Secondly your ps which is kind of about it well. It's about a personal matter which i won't get into. It proves that you're the sort of person that will weigh in with your pin way in with your opinion with a tiny fraction of the information. You lied to form an opinion. i can tell you what happened. Trump got more votes for president than anybody in the history of running for president including obama. Either time except for joe biden who got more votes than needed. The most interesting dispute i've seen over the election results in georgia where the Were very reasonable. Scientists have been comparing registration rolls and change of address forms through the post office which are public records. I guess and it's determined that a a significant five figures worth of georgians voted in their old addresses because they're old poll precinct hadn't yet updated their registration and it could be. That's illegal in georgia. You have to vote in the precinct of your current address and they actually could be enough of those to change things. But you know. I'll wait and see if that plays out but anyway Richard i suggest you do Thinking unless telling other people how to do their jana but again. That's just my my opinion. Sir nice note from gary and county. Pope had bad poop. Docs popped and remove pope's polyps now pope oops okay but pope is old and soon too pooped to pope. Thank you for that analysis of the current state of the vatican gares bridge rundown. That was dr suzanne. Sir well played. How about. Dan yucai beautiful. You kaya california guys have come to this final conclusion. The real villains in america aren't black people. They aren't white people. They aren't asians. They aren't latinos they're women. They aren't gazed. They are the radical journalists teachers and professors who do nothing but so division among the american people you know there are various pieces of literature movies books about Satan if you will or an evil spirit. Or what have you. And their their weapon their tool is to cause rancor and hatred and disagreement and suspicion among people who would normally be kind and loving towards each other and i absolutely think the radical left. Is that bad. Moving along be from thailand. Said when i bought my house in thailand twenty two was a vacation slash investment purchase. Now probably here for goodwill retire. here. I've never had such concern for the us. As i do now feel. We're at the tipping point of self-destruction. My only might my main wellspring of hope is that the good decent people of the united states are still pretty well grounded and still know which side is up. Mit has predicted the end of civilization. I can give you the year if you want to plan accordingly. Mit out with a new prediction for the end of civilization Coming up later this hour Should i buy green bananas or not. I mean how quick. I mean like if people have to get out of their carts and go to work. You did you tell them. I mean it's the answer august. Is it no okay. All right all right moving along thomas so cal. Forget about jim crow. And even jim eagle based on statements. Yesterday president biden is joe. Ostrich has his head firmly buried in the sand. He's also said. I'm so sick of hearing. Democrats be hyperbolic lie about threats store democracy. I'd like to offer the following six suggestion. Everytime democrat use the word democracy. Replace it with the word hypocrisy which will actually make the savings for accurate. Therefore let's see any any vote on any law voter integrity this greatest threat to our democracies eight. No it's the greatest threat to our hypocrisy. I like that. It's almost a drinking game but not quite looking at this headline that just came across man. Fifty five in china hasn't been infected infected with a new bird flu and has been hospitalized. I used to ignore those stories would make a big deal out of them. I would ignore them. But i won't ignore them anymore. Until we have a whole bunch of turn out to be nothing but that's how this started minor story somewhere else than one person got in the united states. Weird next thing you know. My kids aren't going to school for a year and a half. That reminds me. We've got a really interesting note. As they usually are from our co vid statistician and chief kevin in california who just pours over data and goes to state websites and the rest of it to compare and contrast very first all he said that whole seven kids in the icu and mississippi thing That was a tweet. That was quickly retracted. And was the result of confusion between a couple of different things so evidently it's not true. Okay and then. Secondly he's of the belief that it's the cove is not going to be an epidemic thing. It's going to be an endemic thing it's gonna be with us for the rest of our lives like colds and flus and the rest of it and we're just going to have to get used to it interesting. Yeah he has more on that but it is interesting. And it's not over crap that we get from the government is our military shipping illegals.

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