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Working dot com for a free estimate some fellow republicans are calling on president trump to take a harder stance against the chinese telecom giant z t the company was caught cheating sanctions by doing business with north korea and iran and lying about it us regulators recently announced us sanctions against the company would be lifted and replaced with fines and other measures senator marco rubio accuses china of shaking down us companies for their intellectual property telling abc's this week putting out of business a company like z t is the kind of significant consequence that china would respond to to understand that we're serious another person is dead in the african nation congo of a confirmed case of ebola bringing the number of fatalities from the latest outbreak to at least twelve says the country's health ministry counterprotestors in berlin chanting nazis out during a march to the german parliament in berlin anti immigrant right wing protesters from the alternative for germany party waving german flags a stranded ferry about a quarter mile off the shore of martha's vineyard massachusetts carrying dozens of people has been towed to safety while lava flows destroy homes and other structures and a part of hawaii's big island closer to the killer way of all k knows crater billy andrade is undeterred he is they're playing golf at the volcano golf and country club you write it out is rock and roll and write it out then mother nature there's nothing not gonna do about it other parts of the island over eighty homes have been destroyed by the lava flow this is abc news i'm captain obvious stan hotels dot com rewards me basically everywhere i stay so why am i currently skipping stones with four locals and one grizzly bear outside this riverside lodge in portland because hotels dot com lets me do me and because honestly.

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