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It. It is striker Incline on karaoke. You and Ah, every day at this time we get you are winners of the day. Striker inclines winners of the day. All right, Omar Khan. You gotta lead us, man. You set the tone for this. What do you got? That's a lot of pressure man, Ted Todd Insurance. They're winners today because they fired Costco, Ken, and if you guys are you guys forgot who he is. This is Costco, okay? You're getting closer job. Get over your phone down. What a douche bag. So Ted Insurance came out and said he absolutely does not represent our values and is no longer working at our agency. And I like this, You know, I mean, those douchebags exists. But I do like this trend that people are finding out via social media who these people are and are getting fired. Because if you guys don't don't remember, Remember that nurse or that lady that coughed on the kid? Yes. They found out that she was a nurse, and she also got fired. So I like that trend. People need to not act like a douchebag. She wasn't a nurse was a teacher. Pressure. I think she was like a special needs teacher, actually. Okay, But yes, she was fired. I I actually don't like this trend at all. What? I mean, if you're good at your job Ah, why should you having a tantrum that Ptolemy Caesar Thes tantrum striker aren't anything new? The only thing that's new about him is that people are filming them now, not just someone having a tantrum. It's what it's clear having a tantrum about and the things they are saying. It's who you are as a person is. Yeah, yeah. It's not just some drunken before 3 a.m. which is still not acceptable, But these people that were seen on the video is one thing that does scare me because everybody is so quick to the phone, right And this is going to sound selfish. What if I'm walking down the road and a car runs me over..

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