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Cops on a chase through downtown Denver Friday night, was supposed to appear in court. Today but, that's been delayed until. Tomorrow police say thirty eight, year old Thomas Bush stole the tractor which belongs to Denver water and crashed it into a vehicle offense. And then drove through a construction site he led police on a. Chase through the grass at city park Anton sidewalks police in Westminster wanna talk to fourteen in connection with. That deadly apartment, fire on Sunday morning witnesses tell investigators they grabbed fire extinguishers to. Try to put out the fire officers don't think they're responsible for starting at. Ten people were taken to the hospital two people died in that fire the state's largest heroin Boston, a decade happened in Morgan county sheriff Tim Krohn says they need to continue working. To reduce opioid use and curb addiction. He says they arrested Two men who made a delivery of just under six pounds of heroin that's the. Latest I'm Cathy Walker Heavy rains beat for teenagers commute this afternoon reports of standing water throughout the far east central metro area and parts of the. Northeast metro area flooding volt directions of c., four seventy through the construction between Jefferson County and highlands ranch the crash reported issue seventy eastbound at Quebec three car collision southbound I twenty five approaching highway fifty two blocking the left lane with crowded from Longmont in a crash involving a gravel Haller southbound I twenty five at, one twentieth blocking the right lane and were stopped back e four seventy Denver forecast mostly, cloudy this afternoon high of. Seventy seven heavy rain continues tonight with a low of sixty Tuesday and Wednesday sunny in the.

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