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Komo aaa traffic now here's marina rockinger we did have a crash on i ninety westbound mercer island kind of right near island crust way and it was blocking two lanes for a bit but it looks like that's cleared out of the way we do have stopandgo traffic from bellevue way to the scene your trafficked total travel time out of bellevue key take i90 over to seattle though is about 22 minutes right now northbound i5 approaching lakeview in seattle there was a crash but we've got stopandgo traffic from mercer to that seen in tacoma the right lane is blocked northbound i 5 at pure olive river bridge stopandgo traffic from portland avenue and then when you had further north on i 5 at will be rolling slow just north of highway 18 as you head up through federal way passed the 516 interchange in on up to about one eighty eight north on one six seven still tough out of sumner up to almost elling said and then again from highway 18 two to seventy seven th income um i gotta the north that it's a pretty tough from north marysville area southbound i 5 from about one hundred sixteen th as you head down to about the fivetoeight interchange your next look at traffic at seven fourteen marina rockinger komo news here's seth wayne from the komo forecast team plenty of afternoons such as daytime highs reached the upper 60s push it about seven degrees over the next few days the big whether headline will be the overnight lows on the cold side with the clearing skies come some very chilly air we are going for overnight lows falling in the upper thirty's low 40s i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center chilean off this morning it's no thirty two degrees in scholten arlington 35 it's forty two and bremerton and 45 degrees at seatac airport komo news time seven oh six the first ever passenger plane to be converted for cargouse has been unveiled in alaska a fleet of three boeing seven thirty seven seven hundred will used mostly in the nation's largest state with few roads delivering everything from animals.

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