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Throughout the ages we're just going to focus on what the bible says we're going to make sure we understand that specific thing and that prompted people later people like francis bacon to say well maybe we need did not pay attention to this whole rubric of a wrist it healy in physics maybe let's just study do better her biology and figure things out at a granular level boom we have modern science will go back to the beginning advantest yes that's right cry of the humanise and then i i learned so much the funny thing is only learn if i'm reading a book iran and so much about i mean i didn't really know what humanism was i had a general sense but to see the role that are pleading for may shen that there was a rediscovery of the original greek in the original hebron and ironically it came as a result of the muslim hordes taking over constantinople they drove many of the greeks out of there and so there was this greek renaissance in incense where they they brought many greek experts into the west and so suddenly rather than using the latin vogue eight which was the the accepted church of version of the bible they went back to the original thanks to a hero erasmus my and it is a weird thing when you you realize hey we can look at the original we we we may have missed some things and then he say i wonder if there's anything in the the original that is um that we've missed yeah any any secret things here that we might discover kind of exciting yes and i guess the that's part of the problem with the creation of knowledge is that sometimes like you were saying aristotle had become so influential that he sort of blotted out the sun yes right and in the ability to reconstruct the texan the bible did another amazing thing.

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