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Sunny skies. Thirty five degrees, Ken Rogulski, WJR news. Wayne County prosecutor Kim worthy will be joining the team of prosecutors in the Flint water crisis criminal cases, says incoming attorney general Dana Dana Nessel, Nestle also said attorney Todd flood who was appointed by former AIG Bill Schutte, and it has been working on the case. We'll stay on as a system attorney general. I appreciate his work and his team's work on these cases, thus far. And I look forward to the contributions that he will make to the team of experienced and career. Prosecutors said our office is assembling with the help of prosecutor Kenmore. Nestle says the editions will further strengthen the investigative team on this case Chicago police have charged empire actor jussie smollet with filing a false report and other charges after allegedly staging an attack on himself. Police also charged me with sending himself racist and homophobic letters in an appearance game to raise his profile and increase his on. On-camera celery. Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson question how the actor could malign his city by making such false claims. This announcement today recognizes that empire active jussie smollet took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career smell. That's expected to appear in court later today for a bond hearing the charge could bring three years in prison. It could also force the actor to pay the cost for the investigation. The pope opened a four-day summit meeting at the Vatican on X abuse by addressing nearly two hundred bishops and church leaders from around the world Francis. Speaking through the interpreter said they must come up with concrete steps to tackle this evil scourge in the face of this score of sexual abuse perpetrated by men of the church to the detriment of miners. I thought that would that I would summon new patriarchs cardinals archbishops bishops have religious superior. The pope says there are looking for not conned. Home nations, but concrete actions, Roger stone faces a federal judge who wants to address his recent antics, while he awaits trial to posts he made on Instagram Monday could put at risk his ability to stay out of jail. And the leeway he has to speak about the case publicly. Correspondent charissa knell has the story. You've got to come to court today. And we're going to talk about that. She's gonna decide if he violated the terms of his bail. If he's violated, those terms which include not intimidating witnesses intimidating court officers or the judge, and that's going to be what he's going to have to face her answer questions about why did he post this one of stone's Instagram captions called special counsel? Robert Muller, a deep state hitman a preliminary examination scheduled for today for the new high school girls basketball coach charged with having a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old member of the team, we have more from WJR's. Gene, Fogel, 43-year-old lock Juan Turner has been charged with four counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct charges that could send him to prison for up to fifteen years. Authorities say Turner Gaijin a series of sexual encounters with the girl between January and February of this year. And if they took place in his vehicle at various locations, prosecutors say the latest where he was spotted interested was in the parking lot of the red roof. In seven mile and a quarter in Warren. It was about four o'clock in the afternoon on February second, gene Fogel, WJR.

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