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But for travel in man, like me, Andrea Rene, only one place to play anybody from what's good playing chronicles for. I think Steiner is she has no opinions of it yet. Well, I haven't checked in with her about it. Yeah, we haven't done a live show since two weeks ago. Okay. Cool. Greg has pulled up Jack and Jill DX platinum through on trophy guys in chievements. He's speaking my language all my God. It's a ten minute platinum who called it. Greg Miller called it who's getting to trophy platinum trophies and Jack and Jill DX probably Greg Miller. Now this doesn't look terrible though. It looks cute. It was a little goofy platform. Yeah, you can show the people if you if you don't mind. Cool. Greg, if that's he's there, you go. It looks like he's running around. He's caught since some coins, and I like old school. Mario, what it looks like he's old school Mario with a very light, but then he just meets is looks like superman boy, but it's way cuter punishing. Oh yeah. The little the little sprites ten minute and walk through who. Adria rene. Finishing off those valley rally or no v rally, four on and then war face on x. box one. Andrea. We got new dates for you. Yeah. Ultra space. Battle brawls coming to steam October. Fourth, Mark of the ninja remastered is launching on the Nintendo switch on October ninth and then you add it in this one. Yes. I got a press release about this at games as announced the blast family of products. These two more of your kind of like many console type things. So they have several different versions that include twenty classic video games that are going to be releasing the US and Canada on October first Marito between nineteen ninety nine in thirty nine ninety nine. The blast family includes Atari flashback oblast volume. One Atari flashback blast volume to activision flash 'bout flashback blast. Oh my gosh. Legends.

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