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The right lane stick to left the side and southbound three oh one ramp to westbound fifty had been closed with the crash i'm rita w t o p traffic our forecast now with seven news first alert meteorologist brian vandegraff any damp weather early on this morning quickly gives way to sunshine and just a very nice afternoon average time this eighty nine it be will well below that in the mid eighties should just be rather perfect no humidity get out and enjoy sixties overnight will be refreshing could even be some fifties in the cooler suburbs tomorrow mid -eighties once again with lots of sunshine in will carry that pattern into the midweek wednesday equally pleasant by thursday and friday though some afternoon storms are as possible we head towards the end of the week i'm seventies meteorologist brian vandegraff the first weather center a nice and mild morning warning seventy two in tyson's now sixty six in potomac the money news at ten and forty past the hour brought to you by pen fed great rates for everyone child labor violations in the u s have jumped in recent years the department of labor finds that from october last of year through july nearly forty five hundred children were employed in violation of federal child labor laws as a forty four percent increase in the number of kids illegally employed most child labor violation issues involved kids working more or later hours than allowed but about six hundred and eighty eight kids were found to be working illegally in hazardous jobs adidas is second easy sale is set to happen later this week the sportswear company will release more leftover stock on thursday the

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