FBI, Brian Bowen, Brian Bone discussed on CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast


About the fbi probably thinks something different again maybe not committed federal crime but certainly the fbi believes he was on a staff that was very aware that brian bowen's family was going to be compensated to get brian bone to go to louisville that is the allegation and so i just fear this day it's february next season i'm in my first year head coach and some fbi some documents are released or somebody's gonna try however it works out however the information gets out and there's my associate head coach that i just hired last may being implicated in a pay for play scheme and now i've got philadelphia media showing up to my game to ask me so tell me again why you hire this guy you knew we got fired at louisville you knew what the level staff was accused of and you hired him and now here he is this is it and then probably for the first time since today you and i are talking about the cell basketball in this way it just seems unnecessary unless you want and risky unless again just trying to do got solid because you believe in him but i it's not something i think i would do if i were a head coach it's it's always impossible to say what you would do if you were somebody else because you're not them and you're not in the shoes but it seems like a little bit of a risky move.

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