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The forecast. Here's Seth Wayne. High temps pushing eighty degrees, or at least close to it many communities today, we are looking at a lot of sunshine and a lot of warmth. But this ridge of high pressure is going to slowly break down. So that's going to allow those temps in the low seventies on Saturday chance of some scattered showers. Coming back at us Sunday into Monday of next week. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center. Sixty one downtown lots of sunshine, currently ten oh, six plenty of police on campus, this Shelton high school this morning. Classes are in session, however, Shelton police captain Mike field says the rumor was of a potential school shooting today. People are walking in hallways overhearing things. And at this point. No student was specifically named as potential shooter and everybody that was a witness has been interviewed. Again classes in session, but extra police are there to calm nerves a homeless camp in Aberdeen is closing slowly the city bought the property recently, you put up a gate and no trespassing signs of camps been there for at least a decade, but the city recently bought the property saying it's too dangerous. And they want everyone out, but the mayor is allowing those who are actively seeking help to stay until they can get on their feet like Christina Gilchrist, and Johnny 'gelato to who spoke with komo's Keith Eldridge. You're doing some kind of services to show that your veteran. Your your situation is they're going to be a time when you're going to be able to move out. And for those who aren't seeking help and still stay the city says they're gonna get trespassing. Tickets crews cleaning up today and other homeless camp were dogs attack to people over the last five days is the latest attack was Wednesday and soda near still Kwami and sixth avenue. Witnesses say a dog bit a man working on a truck right by one of the many RV's parked in that area. The dog's owner was ticketed at because of the to attack. The city says it's sped up plans to clear out that camp and the first of the money that Pearl Jam raised with the home shows concerts in Seattle will be aimed squarely at getting and keeping young homeless people off the streets. Here's guitarist Mike mccready shows.

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