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They walked around and counted people sleeping on the street in the mayor was among them and our friend judy manage show did it too and a lot of people a lot of people that are just they walk around they walk and look at cars they go in woods they go on the streets and they start counting so they counted up it's twenty three percent increase they found it's a little over two it's two thousand thirty six people totaled it's not really any all of you like to complain ally it's not apparently based on the numbers is not really that much different than what you'd find in dallas or houston so don't blame it all in the city of austin so is one of those days where you right it's like these companies you work for you have these flowery mission statements but nobody really knows what it means here's a flowery mission statement about a awful problem and how you go from a to b to see is the yearold problem decade old problem thirty year old problem it's the same thing the same discussion over and over again i'll be the first one to say if anyone calls today and says that you think that people should be ticketed or charged for giving someone money or a sandwich i think you are immoral they have every right to hand somebody a sandwich if they want the day that the government starts telling you you can't hand somebody a dollar or a sandwich is we should just give up and i know that's one of the solutions that have been tried around the country and people always seem to guam onto and say but it works but it works but it works the government should to tell you you can't go hand somebody fifty cents sorry right i mean i e even if it's the right even if it's the wrong thing to do is to give someone a sandwich government can make you a criminal for trying to help someone out that's wrong that's just wrong if it if it if it doesn't if it increases the homeless problem i'll accept that but it's morally wrong for the government to tell you you can't hand somebody five dollars or fifty cents that's your business that is oh maybe a stupid thing to do because i know there've been municipalities including dallas tried this.

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