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Pat gray returns triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and it pat unleashed you know when glenn purchase this studio there were a few items left in the warehouse area the previous owner didn't take with them and one of those items was a tree from the kid show barney view you me really so it's always a hit on the tours we give round the studio and this summer mercury one is hosting another museum it's going to be pretty awesome they're going to repurpose the barney tree and create an exhibit around the liberty tree liberty trees a very important one and it was just that just a simple elm tree the tree that provided shade landmark together by in fact this is the three that bostonians gathered by protests the stamp act eventually inspired the sons of liberty to fight for independence and freedom so it became a symbol of the colonists defiance against the british rule come join us in just four weeks now for this very special event we looking forward to you can see what the world was like before men had rights in tyrants ruled in hell americans realized there was a better way to govern so you can join us go to mercuryone dot org slash museum twenty eighteen for all the details say that barney tree i think it's still growing i think it actually is growing because the limbs are getting kind of kind of starting to hang down a little bit on trimmed up prune that before people get here might yeah the clippers out and right work on it i guess good idea also at pat unleashed we did a pole with because we're talking about the rock and roll hall of fame last week and what a joke that is but it also came up about what a joke the nobel peace prize is with recipients like barack obama fifteen minutes into his presidency or al gore or yasser arafat.

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