Browns vs Chargers: Final Injury Report Full of Concerns for Cleveland

Charger Chat


We're still looking at Wednesday's injury report, but for the Chargers, everybody's getting a little practice, and there's no D and ds. Anybody that's not practicing is on IR. Right. Those are the only guys that are not practicing, but knock on wood doesn't this feel weird? It feels good. It feels really weird because when you look at the Cleveland Browns, there's a slew of dudes of DNP. There's a lot. There is a lot of 15 or 17 something crazy. There's a lot of people on this list. Yeah, in years past, this would be flipped. We would be the one with the scroll of players that are not practicing and the other team had like a handful. Not this year, folks this year, we've only got one two and three, four, 5, 6. People on the list and everybody's practicing. Yeah, three of them are limited, but they only guide on their list that's like come on dude is Chris Harris. You know, like, you asked the point or else they would have put them on IR. He had to be so close to being able to play. He has to be back this week. Coach coach talked about him last during his most recent press conference and he said that, you know, he practiced in pads last week. There are really wanting these guys to get healthy and stay healthy. Right. It feels like he's probably going to play this week. He got in limited, but, you know, Justin Jackson Derwin and Chris Harris are limited. So everyone else is full. So that's pretty crazy. Yeah. And yeah, and it's crazy because the browns have an extra day rest too, 'cause they put Sunday, we play Monday. Their list is huge, man. It's crazy because a lot of these are like, they're just not practicing. Coach is just like not injury related. They're just resting. Two of the guys. Run them up. Run them off. Run them off, dog. Let's see. So we've got Odell Beckham junior. He's practicing in full davin Clowney. He's he didn't practice, which is, I mean, that's a big name. Wow. Garrett didn't practice Troy hill, Malik Jackson. There's a lot of guys on this list that starters that didn't

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