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Three oh four good afternoon thank you for joining us we're here live in local from two to four right after rush KXAN is reporting that the Texas chili parlor is being sued and blamed for the death of a young woman who was drinking in the Texas chili Porter her parents are now suing saying use should have stopped serving her she was drunk you knew it you should stop serving her she got on her bicycle and got killed on MLK and it's your fault and we want money let me just say I'm a big fan of the Texas chili parlor been going there for thirty years Sir great honorable people there and I'm sorry for this these families loss unless they can prove without a unequivocally if they have video evidence that she was stumbling drunk and they were serving I think this is probably spaces allegation I think they're looking for money god bless them no yes Sir Launcelot out on a bicycle yes bicycle of bicycle after drinking she knew that maybe she was listening to the message don't drink and drive well then consider driving driving over if you're on a by law hello you're on the public street street so I feel for this family but they're looking for deep pockets unless unless there's witnesses are video cameras here the CDS that bartender did do this but I find that hard to believe okay as to the check to chili parlor is not a drunken place for drugs to go too it's a family restaurant there are a lot of students here at times but as a family we've been there for about thirty years well and there's a lot of questions to this a what she there with a group of people or was she there by herself as she was there with a group of people I'm sorry as a server I would think that they're your friends as if they thought you were too drunk they would have walked you home drove me home whatever the case may be you've got to take some personal responsibility in this channel you're old enough to go in order a drink you should know you're cut off I get there are times that we may over drink but it's on us to have that figured out and figure how to get home without getting on a bicycle and going down busy streets run around the Texas chili parlor we do have a Texas law that's been on the books for many many years it says you have the obligation to stop serving us you have a duty the servers are trained the bartenders are trained they all were briefed on the law in this family is saying they absolutely should have stopped serving her now this story does not indicate what her blood alcohol level was well how do you go about proving that do they do they know how axe when she's as extreme drive that vehicle you can't tell we we do not know if this is the only place she had been drinking that night correct how many drinks did she have but they say they have no doubt that the the death is on the hands of the Texas chili parlor he would also be good to know what about the driver in the wrong lane did the girl ride the bicycle across the center line and hit the car when we don't know that either but what the street mark MLK okay which is just down the street from the chili parlor which is a very very busy street twenty four hours a day seven days a week all right here the numbers five one two eight three six zero five ninety you can way and with god's these kind of cases pop up from time to time and and we'd like to get your thoughts do are these parents based on what we know so far are they entitled to money from the Texas chili power five one two eight three six zero five ninety they want money for the lost wages of this daughter weight was she contributing to the family income well I I'm just I'm I'm listing now the categories where they want money well most wages please that she would have earned had she not been killed you've got the mental anguish the pain and suffering and it's quite a list listen I know these people are suffering mark but I did did did I despise it when these top of lawsuits are against good people local business locally owned business who are fighting their guts out to stay in the location they are downtown Austin and they get slammed with with things like this CBS Austin has a story this afternoon that says the city of Austin does not have the restriction on where sex offenders can live it says they are not prohibited from living near schools or parks you'll find that kind of an ordinance in many cities in fact many cities right around Austin Hutto Pflugerville Wesley kill cedar park Leander all of them have sex offender ordinances but Austin does not what the heck is wrong with Austin I would have just thought I would is and that I I had no idea that that would not be something that was on the books for any city Austin police who were assigned to check on the nearly two thousand registered convicted sex offenders in the city limits say they would like to see the city council passed this type of an ordinance they are big proponents of it but it's not happening at city hall it's not happening because opponents say that will make it harder for sex offenders to find housing and you know how sensitive we are about finding housing for people I barely even sex offenders there was that is that more important than the the kids in the park or the what is found elementary school other starting siding statistic that it's unlikely that a sex offender will offend near near their home I'm crying Bravo Sierra on that near whose home near near the sex offenders on your their home the sex offender some yeah yeah they may go elsewhere exiles here in yeah I'm crime B. S. on that but I'm shocked I thought we did we did have I know we've got halfway houses in certain areas of town of there's a big brouhaha down here on camera about halfway house for some former people in the Texas department of prisons that they live there when they get out of so you're saying yes Austin needs to get Izzy and get an ordinance sure I think we need we need that we need to we need to know what well I think we can find out where they are but there's no ordinance to say you can't be near schools are near whatever and and think about the job for this unit they only have a handful of officers assigned to this unit and they have to keep track of sixteen hundred sex offenders at least I don't believe that that's happening on a regular basis not enough that if I were a parent that lived in an area that was near a school in near a sexual offender that I would feel safe well in in the story says that one house they visited the people living there said he hasn't lived here for three years on great job I don't know nothing keeping track of them died five one two eight three six zero five ninety it's three eleven with mark.

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