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What's that you want to get back from you for the value you get our daily tech new show no problem just had the daily tech news show dot com slash support to find out how this is the daily tech news for tuesday april tenth twenty eighteen from tina's headquarters in los angeles on merit and from studio theline on sarah lane and from the old country house i just moved in in the finnish countryside i'm patrick asia also joining us producer roger chang ladies and gentlemen on the producer roger chan yes you are there's no dispute he goes facts those are the facts ma'am yes senator i am producer roger chang of course we will be talking about a tiny bit about mark zuckerberg's appearance on capitol hill there is not much news being made there but let's start with a few things you should know who said effect speaking of facts lg sent out invites for its g seven announcement event for its seven thank you phone happening in new york city and seoul on may second i think technically in seoul it will be may third previous leaks point to a snapdragon eight forty five processor notch screen and plenty of built in a i in fact lg's managing director said and this is was originally in korean but it was translated into english we will show the convenience that we have not seen until now by concentrating the accumulated ai technology so basically super innovative stuff i'm guessing.

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