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Tried to take him out. I think you're going to enjoy it and And your phone calls. you're listening. Republic keeper and now republic keeper with. Brian kelly walking back through public broadcast again. For those new new listener slash viewers part of broadcasting. So you saw the address on the screen. They're republic keeper Po box four nine. One a woodinville washington ninety zero seven to and i asked listeners. Do a couple things for me One pray for me Need that more than you know. Number two Subscribing share and number three is the financial sports show needs money to run and you guys are all grown ups. You understand that what's coming in isn't enough so it's not just isn't enough because i'm greedy is enough because we we have ambitions for where we think this show can go and what we think the value is and i. I'd love to have some help. So yeah post yesterday put up. I said you know that. Russia's passed away and i can't wait to have coffee with him and jesus and margaret thatcher and churchill and you know a whole bunch of people and You know for for the believer for the christian believer. It's it see you later right. It's not goodbye and so anyway that's I'll talk a little bit about my personal reflections. And i'll play i've got some mark levin and glenn beck and then some of this early attempt to cancel rush that i think is kind of fun but the i'll just share with you a couple of things about this program. First of all this program wouldn't exist rush limbaugh hadn't hadn't done his thing zero chance we'd be here and the and the reason is and it's not just me i wouldn't be here tucker. Carlson wouldn't be there. Glenn beck wooden there. And and i'm i'm mentioning me in the same list. I don't belong in the same list with these men but you know or some of the. The women are ingram or dana. Lash or some of the great Female talkers that are out there. The reality is none of them. None of them my friend. Todd herman here in seattle whose hosts for the rush show and. I don't know how that's going to happen going forward. It's i don't know what the plan is there but The upshot is that none of that could exist without rush. Limbaugh though you old enough to remember. I remember when larry king was the biggest thing in talk radio and it was nighttime and am radio. The glenn beck references. I think in the in the clip amrita was dead in north america and it was mostly dead because had been a delivery vehicle for music and fm came along and you can do stereo on fm. And you couldn't do stereo on. Am so all. The music shifted to fm and am was left with the farm report. And a larry king and there was a legal doctrine. This is something a lot of people. Don't know this is there was a federal legal. Doctrine called the fairness doctrine. Let me see if. I've got here in my harry. Oh look at this. This is a goodness. This is so fun. Let's see if i can hold this up the camera where he has can see this. Brian leo kelly. This says right here on the top. The united states america. I want to bring in mark. Levin host of life liberty and lavigne a fox news contributor. He joins us now by phone. Mark could heavy with us. I heard you speaking earlier when the news was very fresh. Just a couple of hours ago. your thoughts is you've continued to reflect on the loss of your dear friend. While morrison first time i met it was at his wedding. Wasn't it that's as he was one of my best friends. Pardon me okay. I would say this. Very very happy with the outpouring of support for him and in many ways it would be shocked by people say he was a very regular guy it was a regular guy but he was utterly inquisitive curious all the time he had a huge library home he read. The great philosophers is demanding. Never went to college. Need to go college he We exchanged over the years. Many many emails lots of discussion about various issues he. He became an expert on the constitution. The history of the nation all self taught It was kind kind. Could be you know early on so wonderful staff snerdley. See the jokester cookie Kit carson. Who passed away in that upset him. All of us greatly. And i would start to send him early on you know some issues on the constitution. Independent counsels the clinton years and. Finally he tells cookie who who has a kathleen gleeson a wonderful lady. That is audio. You know i wanna talk to this guy directly so we talked to me and then he gave me his email that we would any appointed director of his legal division. Definitely lavigne of course. He didn't have legal division but that's the way he was and Twitter about my kids later wanted to know about. The grandkids had us to his house. A tremendous gentlemen and host and He smiled he laughed. He was also serious. He was very very worried particularly now but the future of the country. And i think about all these things and i think what was it that attracted him to donald trump. You know a lot of us eventually attracted but he was attracted early on. And i think it's this. Trump was outside..

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