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Maybe saballos in the 10:00 with our bar Pepe Williamsburg or soccer. Now, there's options there want to see how that plays out. But at the moment with our fixtures, I don't want any of them. I don't want a bomb Yang. I don't want pep. I even know a fucking him and he looked fucking great when he came him open that game for us. So I think I'll sooner go to the defense before I go to the attack, you know, I want to be looking at Leno Tierney month. I've got 10:00 and I'm looking to get rid though. We can't I wouldn't want I want them now about fixtures, but if there's a good run of fixtures, you know, you see Tierney start playing left-back or left back, you know, it's Glenn doozies gone as well learning Glendo Z. Yes. Glenda's is, what is your PIN doozy? What far fucking wrong? Yeah, almost I'm trying to find something to save Arsenal for me. It's a full avoid I've got be honest just fill avoid right now share for United is the exact same apart for men like Brewster Brewster is a great pic. If you're wild card in Brewster is a is a reason to start going for 42352 like the buffet for free free or the free for free. Obviously, you can pull out some week cuz you can start Brewster but I think it's someone you should just be bringing in just for pure value. I'm I've brought him in a week. I'm starting him against Fulham all day long all day long hike all day long all day long. He's four times and after a me yes boss. Yes chef, you know they fence if something I would go to I don't want to be paying five mil a 4.5 mil and Purdue was benched. So that was someone I was looking at Birth. Robertsons been playing I believe his 4.5 mil. He could possibly be someone to pick up but you know, not much to say on shuffle United really what about wolves film wage? I mean you'd think the Wolves would have done a bit better and you probably thought that him lives was going to get a goal in that and not everyone's signed back potent was so good and I've got him in and I'm not a moment to be seeing. So yeah, I'm not quite sure how I feel about wolves players at the moment. Well this yr swerved he made because they tend to age point in the bottom fixtures. I've said and they saw proved right? That's why I've done it like wolves always disappointing when they've got the easy Bankers are still think wolves will be grave f p o s s i wouldn't Panic human AIDS will do what human is does it will consistently trickle along I think potencies fine..

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