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Six year old Robert Schneider allegedly held up Timmy's corner grocery on main street in Covington Monday afternoon investigators say he also tried to use a stolen credit card at Saks Fifth Avenue not long after that he also allegedly robbed Hyde Park liquors and was able to escape word today Schneider allegedly tried to rob the marathon station on Chevy it road and responding police chased him for miles before he ditched the car near the intersection of Epworth and work that's near the old mercy high school that's when he allegedly pulled a gun and was shot by a green township officer no word on his condition no reports of officers injured in the situation an official statement from green township police is expected soon now the latest traffic and weather together from the you see health traffic center you see health addiction services offer innovative solutions for substance abuse learn more by calling five eight five ninety seven twenty two there is an accident sound seventy five and seventy four blocking the right lane traffic is heavy toward Pat out west bound to seventy five an accident near the Kentucky Indiana state line has things slow go back toward the Hebron exit and inbound seventy four an accident near cold rain a big win the left lane is blocked their traffic the is slow due to an earlier accident that's been moved off to the shoulder nor seventy five approaching Donaldson and just got word fire trucks around the scene downtown on plum street they're responding to a fire at city hall so make sure you make way for those vehicles as they head to the scene your slow nor seventy five seventy forty union center Boulevard I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred W. O. W. Malcolm his forecasts from the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation.

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