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Shan fans. Shannon, shannon. No Shanta fans is better. If you were in the draft today, we're taking the first round, and you were transported like brand, and you walk into the body of Hollywood Brown. Would you hug Roger Goodell? Absolutely. Not. Do they will give him the dog? It's pretty hard to get away from it. Now, you give them the poppy if anyone watches Meena on holiday question, you see how poppy gets routinely my own daughter trick there with the fake handshake scratch side of your scalp that move. I will go with that move. Because I mean, everyone hugs him. What do you get out of being? So you would actually reach out for the head shake and then pull it away. Come hero allegies lead. It it doesn't even matter. What you do in the NFL? You are the guy who gave us or not saying we would never do that to Shanta and the guy who gave to oak dome. Okay. Last question as always comes from Lenny. Not as always. Always win. It's not someone I fear. Respect comes from. Old friend. You were picked ninety seven in the draft. Would you say to a player who is supposed to go early but suffers a humiliating with fortune of falling third round. Checks clear. Smaller chicks. Eat table scraps. When have you.

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