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They decide that they want to help build their cabin here. They will own their cabin here, he says. The main requirement is that anyone who is choosing to stay there must remain sober and Austin Travis County M. S sends a bus in six medics up to the town of Rose. But in Falls County after officials there called for help and evacuating residents from a nursing facility. Austin Travis County EMS says that facility is suffering some pretty bad internal infrastructure problems that required evacuation, so it dozen residents were safely transported to another facility in Bill Belle Meade, which is near Waco. And down in beauty Right now, it's mostly cloudy and 70 degrees. I'm Patrick Osborne. You can connect with us at news. Radio, K l b j dot com Hey, the Sudan and you're listening to the best of Todd and don Right now, now we're gonna be live at 5 30. So you don't go anywhere and won't be on all the way till 10. Thanks for tuning in. You're listening to the best of Todd and don on news radio K LBJ, The Bostonian this morning has a really Well, it's kind of funny, I guess and kind of sad at the same time, five small towns to get a taste of old Austin life, So if you want to experience Austin, you've got to leave to Boston. You got to leave Boston. That's that's pretty much what they're insinuating. Uh, well, there's no secret according to the story that Austin is growing, but that growth from the tech boom to the real estate explosion can sometimes overshadow the qualities that made Austin this low key, darling. And favorite for tourists here in Texas. Thankfully, all around this area. There are similar small towns of what Austin used to be like, and they put together a list of the all the places to go outside of Austin to experience a piece of Austin. So the best of Austin is where, well, the first thing on the list here is 30 Miles away in the city of Bass Drop drop. Yes, Southeast Austin. Southeast of Boston. With a population of about what 9 10 12,000 people out there. Bass drop in recent years has become a microcosm of many of the things people have always loved about Austin, For example, the film scene Several film studios have already set up operations in Bass Drum count. There's a big one all huge, and in fact, there's there's a 546 acre film studio movie making facility recently received a green light from the city backdrop also counts some celebrities among its residents. You gotta actor Adrian greener. Did I say that right? I have green ear greener. Oh, I think I knew it located from Hollywood during the pandemic in terms of food offerings, they got a wide variety of things. There they got. Austin, chef Sonya coach opened up the Storehouse Marketing eatery last year. Uh, yeah, It's pretty interesting. Good barbecue there. They've got a lot of great downtown shopping boutiques, galleries that kind of stuff, Of course side market. They're absolutely now number two on the list. If you want to experience Austin, they say, go to dripping springs that are dripping sure off. Has Barton Springs in the Green Belt, but Dripping Springs has Hamilton pool Reimers Ranch to destinations known for offering activities like swimming, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing. They got it all. They do have you? Have you been out there to Hamilton Pool had been in a couple of years. It's been a long time. I would love what else he said would go. Yeah. I used to go there in the afternoons before my son actually started school public school. He would go out there in the afternoons. Really? And we went out there wants And nobody was there. Nobody was there was completely empty. And the second time we went a few days later. Uh, it was me, my son, Gage and and and the entire Delta Zeta sorority. Held was gauge 34. Okay, so he was too young to appreciate it. He had no idea. Yeah, Yeah, We stayed all day, right? That's right. We stayed all day. You Davidson. Poor kid. That poor kid got a sunburn. We stayed all day long. It's good here. Just stay here. Now. The other place according to the OST, Oni A. If you want to experience Austin and you've got to leave town, the city of Green, Texas and some people that drive through they call it grew in. Yeah, grew in. Yeah, but that's not how you say that you say green. That's all you gotta do. Yeah, they get live music there. Green Hall. That's his story. If you played there, have you played at Green Hall? I did. I played there with Bruce Robinson one night. And it was it was It was thrilled. No, Maybe I played there twice. But yes, I've played there. Okay? Yeah, but, Yeah, they got a lot of live concert stuff. I got regulars. Well, Gary P nine, Bob Schneider. They're regulars there. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Yeah, green. That's great. I was there went their new year's Eve a couple of years ago. Yeah, right there. Near the, uh, right there. Near the rivers, Right Near the water. The Guadalupe and Comal Rivers. Yeah, so there you go. Also, if you want to experience, Austin, you've got to get to Buta. According to the OST, Oni this morning. Yeah, located in Hays County, Population 15,000. It's pronounced Buta, by the way for all you people out there that are new to Texas. You're gonna say Buddha. It's not Buddha. Don't say it say, And in fact, say Buddha when you go to a restaurant or something, see what happens? Yeah, exactly. Got concerts. They got the view to amphitheater. I've never been there, but I've heard a lot of friends talking about the Buta empathy amphitheater when they got Yeah. Buta amphitheater in the city park, you know, for like arts festivals, things like that. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Also in the ost Oh, Nia if you want to experience true Austin, Uh, you got to go to Taylor, Texas Taylor? Yeah, that's another tiny town in Williamson County. Of course, it impacts a lot of Austin style fund into a small space, they say. Whether you're strolling the nine block downtown that's full of boutiques and antique shops, several local barbecue joints as well. He got Louis Miller's out there. Hang right, they do. That's is that in your top five Yeah, let's don't start that. You start that. Don't even say only but asked, Don't even throw the question out there. Your favorite barbecue don't even don't even go. We're better than that. Yeah. You're listening to the best of Todd and don on news, radio, K LBJ, everybody Todd Jeffries here along with Don Prior. This is the best of the Todd and don show but stay with us. We're live coming up at 5 30, A news radio.

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