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A little bit cheaper product is mostly made in china in view few other countries india peru cetera but definitely not in africa and there's very talented seamstresses in africa and so he wrote that into the contract so it would never have to have that really uncomfortable back and forth that you have with people that are sustaining your business financially but perhaps don't always see the beauty and authentic marketing stories so talk a little bit about this this love capsule collection who currently on my birthday another holidays that are important to me i his collect news who are going to consider this is a prebirthday selfish thank you and make a collection called my love capsule and literally it could be quite literally we right the word love on things i was a huge george michael fans so i made a choose love teeshirt an honor of him recently but this collection for my birthday is camera and rainbow things that make me quite happy i think cam o is a classic and rainbow is that kind of image that you think of it or you rest your eyes on it and it makes you smile so cute little crop gamma jacket but the idea that someone's going to buy it because she loves it and if she carers she'll know that the the the money is going to help women and children countries where it's really hard to even help themselves and if she doesn't than she's just getting a cute little product you've taken trips to to africa you've gone into some of these communities and met some of these women that you're trying to help what was one of the most poignant moments for you well that's that's a great question i think every moment of travel particularly in india because my dad came from such a low caste that i realized from a very early age that that could be me and i realized that i had a responsibility and quite frankly an honor to do what i could.

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