Larry Elder Knows Exactly Why People Are Fleeing California in Droves


The big headline elon. Musk announcing the tesla one of the most vibrant companies in the world right now moving their headquarters from california to texas people are exiting california because of the disastrous policies of the democrat legislature. People are fleeing california in droves. Yesterday acquiesced big report on housing prices that the average price in in in california is is through the roof. It's astronomical law. The average price in texas is something like two hundred thousand. I think it's five hundred thousand or more in california larry. There's no doubt the reason you touched a nerve is because in real world real world activity real time. We're seeing people denounced california's policies as destructive and and you tapped right into that and that's why people were so excited about your candidacy. Well for the first time in our state one hundred and seventy year history. People are leaving. California's never happened before. And by the way the average price of a home in california is eight hundred thousand dollars which is a minimum of one hundred fifty percent above the national ever and work less california this year then left all of last year and the rate at which businesses are leaving is twice the rate at which they've left the last two or three years and they cite three reasons high taxes high regulations and the high price of a

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