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Eight hundred five seven one six four six eight that's one eight hundred five seven one six four six eight it is going to feel like it's in the nineties today if your home's AC is on its last leg call American air and heat they offer interest free financing along with worry free parts and labor warranties you can rest comfortably knowing that you've hired the best in central Florida family friendly service that American air and heat dot com now even lower prices on your favorite dell HP or Lenovo windows ten computer system starting at just one fifty nine only at refresh computers call four oh seven four seven eight eighty two hundred now this is the request computer superstore in long would now the three big things you need to know three we are awaiting a news conference with Florida governor Rhonda centers right now the governor's office says a major announcement is on the way from a news conference in Miami with the conference begins we will carry it live right here on news ninety six point five W. DB all other in law of a slain saying club owners been charged in connection with her death the coal mine tell those mother in law when the Rivera has been charged with being an accessory after the fact one doubles body was found on her in laws property back in October one big week here in central Florida and all over the nation NASA preparing to send two astronauts into space for the first time in about nine years SpaceX falcon nine launch set for four thirty three tomorrow afternoon we have course will carry it live if it goes off right here on news ninety six point five W. B. B. L. first starts hurricane season bring heavy rain and powerful winds in the southeast we've called been distracted consumed with over nineteen but now news ninety six point five W. DPO is prepared to help you get through another hurricane season download our app and tap the Nolans roofing hurricane guide the latest updates track storms preparedness tips and more and this year don't forget to add masks gloves and hand sanitizer your hurricane kit this is where Orlando **** first for severe weather news ninety six point five W. DPO all right twelve seventeen on Orlando's news at noon I'm Jeanne Alexa continuing coverage of our top story weather conditions for tomorrow's historic manned launch from KSC is improving checks basics this Twitter today they say the forecast is now sixty percent favorable up from forty for the first time in nearly a decade the United States will launch two Americans into space SpaceX will use its falcon nine rocket to send the crew dragon capsule into space with two American astronauts on board dog Hurley involved banking I think continued to push into space challenges us as Americans for now the two hundred and twenty nine foot tall rocket sits at lunch complex thirty nine a poised for liftoff set for four thirty three tomorrow afternoon of course weather permitting I'm dual mode if it does go up you'll hear the launch live right here on news ninety six point five W. D. V. O. and other big story we're following universal Orlando will be opening to the public in less than a week and now it's issuing a blunt warning to guests enter at your own risk maybe something fit for a Halloween.

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